Monday 30 July 2018

Ultra/Trail Championships Scoring Changes Proposal

After going through the results from the Ultra/Trail races that people have taken part in over the first 7 months of this year, I have noticed there has been a large number of runners who have completed over Half Marathon and in quite a few cased over the requirement for an Ultra Marathon within a team setting in the recent Spring/Summer relay events.

It is because of this, much like last year with the 6hr timed events, that I am proposing that these relay events are counted within the Ultra Championships this year, including those events that have already taken place.

In order to make this fair for those running the longer distances alone, I am proposing that the results will be based on the teams overall position within their category (Mixed team of 8, for example) and then having a multiplier whereby the individual forfeits 5% of their score per additional member of their team, so in the previous example, in a team of 8 they would forfeit 35% of their score as there are seven additional runners in the team.

This will only be able to be scored for races where individual lap counters are in place (time does not matter, only position) and each team member's name is given in the results. The total distance and elevation gain by the individual will count, regardless of those covered by the rest of the team. 

For example, if 3 members of a team run 3, 4 & 5 laps individually at Thunder Run, each will score the points for the individual run, but have the same multiplier for finishing position (as they are on the same team).

It goes without saying, but anybody who is found to be swapping timing chips in order to gain extra unofficial laps will be disqualified from the championships in that year. If somebody does run in your name for legitimate reasons, then let me know and I can discount the distance from the results.

I hope this makes sense and seems fair. As I said at the start of last year, this is a new championships to the club and a work in progress. My aim is to make it as fair and inclusive as possible for everybody who wants to take part.

None of this effects the existing championship rules and hopefully the web page will be back up on the club site at some point today with a copy of these rules for reference if required, but I can always email them to anybody who wants a copy.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with me. I will leave this open for consultation for 2 weeks from today. Then, once the committee is happy that their are no concerns or issues unanswered I will issue a rule addendum onto the blog & website.

Many Thanks,

Dave Sloan.

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