Monday 16 December 2019

Christmas Track Parlauf - 16/12/19

It is upon us yet again, the famous A&T Track relay, but with a twist this year.....

All teams have now been picked, but don't worry if you aren't yet on the list, there are a few spare places available.

This years event will be based on the familiar format of running 20 laps of 400m within your team as a relay, with the following rules applying:

  • Before the race begins, all runners displaying Christmas spirit will be rewarded with the following for their team:
    • 5 Seconds for Christmas Hat
    • 15 Second for Christmas Outfit
      • This must be worn for every lap run, if you run without your own hat/outfit you will have to go into the penalty box at the end of every lap (see below).
  • Each team must pick a running order which will remain for the rest of the race, each runner can only do one lap at a time and if a runner misses their turn they will be out of the race and their team will have to continue without them.

  • During the race you must stick to the following rules:
    • All teams set off based on their given start whistle based on bonus time gained.
    • Outgoing runners (next on) to stand on the inside of the track awaiting their team mate no later than them reaching 200m point.
    • Baton handover only to occur within the 4 white cones
    • All runners must wear their own Christmas item whilst running
    • All runners must mark their lap on the board before handing over baton
    • All teams must complete 20 laps of the track in order.

  • Any team caught breaking the rules will be sent to the Penalty Box to complete a task before they can hand the baton over:
    • Marshal will send you directly to penalty box and tell you why (no arguing)
    • You will run to the penalty box marked with orange cones
    • You will hand your baton over for 2 balls
    • You will attempt to throw the balls into the bin
      • If you get one ball in the bin, collect the balls, swap back for your baton and resume the race.
      • If you do not get any of the balls in the bin, collect the balls, given them to the marshal, run to the Yellow cone and back, collect your baton and resume the race.
  • The winning team will be the first to complete 20 laps.
Best of Luck!