Wednesday 15 April 2020

Manchester marathon Sunday 11th October 2020 – by Mark Riches

My earlier post HERE refers

This is a lot of fun and the Club gets a donation based on the number of volunteers (£400+ last year) 

If you are available on the day & would like to help (you can do anything from a couple of hours to the whole day) please complete the online registration below. Really sorry, but you need to do this gain even if you registered for the postponed event!
You will need to select your group name from the list shown on the page. Please ensure you select

Astley + Tyldsely RR 

PS I know it’s spelt incorrectly!

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Could all A&T members please make sure they adhere to government guidelines regarding daily exercise :
To take exercise once a day – but alone or with those you live with, no gatherings of more than two people
Reports locally of groups running together, lets make sure this isn’t anything to do with A&T and make sure we all stay safe.
If everyone sticks to the rules the sooner things will be back to normal for us all.

A&T Committee