Thursday 23 August 2018

Golf Ball fell race report 

We’re going on a fell race
We’re going to climb a big one
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared

Uh oh! A stile!
A slippy stile!
We can’t go through it.
We can’t go around it.
We’ll have to go over it.
Slippy jumpy
Slippy jumpy
Slippy jumpy

We’re going on a fell race
We’re going to climb a big one
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared

Uh oh! A cow pat!
We can’t go under it
We can’t go around it
We’ll have to go through it
Shitty splatty
Shitty splatty
Shitty splatty

We’re going on a fell race
We’re going to climb a big one
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared

Uh oh! A hill!
A fucking big hill!
We can't go under it
We can’t through it
We’ll have to go over it
Climby walky
Climby walky (admire the view)
Climby walky
Bloody hell that hurt!

What’s that?
One shiny wet drinks station.
Two big orange cones.
Two 80 year olds who are already there 5 minutes before you.
It’s the finish line!

Quick, pretend you have a sprint finish
Christ another hill! More cow pats! Another bleeding stile!
Get to the finish line, collapse in a heap. Forgot to stop the Garmin, dammit!

Back home, into the bedroom, into bed, under the covers.
We’re not going on a fell race again!

Except you will, cos they're ace! 
Results will be out soon for the last couple of races and will be added to the website, well done everyone who has taken part.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

XC by Michelle Fairclough

Anyone feel like the summer has ended already?

Don't feel sad, it means one thing....

#crosscountryiscoming 💙🏃🏃🏃💙

I'm looking for names of those who would like to join me on the country this winter - flying the A&T flag.

Come and have some muddy fun.

Saturday afternoons. Ladies race is typically 3-4 miles.  Men it's usually 10k for you.

Dates are not yet confirmed but once they are I will need to know up front who would like a number so that we can register you. (You keep the same number for the full league).

Cross country is cheap as chips to enter. In fact less than a cone of chips per race!

Still early days yet but if you fancy giving it a shot please post in the comments or message me so I can get an idea of numbers/interest.

Provisional dates are below but still waiting information from Mid Lancs League.

October 13th - Leigh Sports Village RR
October 20th - Heaton Park SELCC
November 10th - Chorley RR
November 17th - Rossendale RR
November 24th - Sefton Park European Champs ML
December 1st - Todmordon (new course) RR
December 15th - Tandle Hill Oldham SELCC
January 19th - Heaton Park SELCC
February 16th - Astley Park Chorley SELCC

Although spikes do help, you don't need any special kit for most of these races, trail shoes will be fine.  You do need a club vest though.

Looking forward to seeing lots of blue vests this season 😀


Monday 13 August 2018

Gin Pit Volunteers - Update 13/08

It's approaching that time of the year where your club needs a couple of hours of your time to help with our annual Gin Pit 5, which is on Sunday 14th October 10am start.

There are a number of roles that need filling, some of which you are free to race.

If anyone can help please email or contact a committee member via email or facebook.

10 course marshals - Craig Bradbury (head marshal), Joan Cooke, Andrew Cass, Matthew Perry, Lynn Boylin, Josie Maley-Jones, Dave Sloan, Michelle Fairclough, Anthony Hart, Simon Ford
3 x Car Park (can race) -Scott P, Shaun, Amanda & Mike Partington, Darren Williamson
2 x Course set and clean up (can race)  -Mike Carter, Brendan Loughrey
3 x Registration (can race) - Gary Steven, Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam
3 x Time Keepers -Gary Stevens, Chris B, Claire Matchwick, Tim Campbell
1x Water Station -Paul Roberts
1 x presentation -Chris Bennett
1 x race starter -Chris Bennett
Photographer -  Joanne Gibson
2 or 3 x handing out t-shirts - Emma and Annabel Stevens