Thursday 27 May 2021

•Update from Ironman• by Lynn & Karen


•Update from Ironman•

Hi guys, up to now Ironman Bolton is still going ahead on Sunday 4th July

Ironman are keen to have A&T volunteers helping out on the day again, however we’ve been told that there will be some changes to the course aid stations because of Covid-19.

As a result of these changes, there won’t be a feed station at the Ravenswood Drive location which we have managed there for the past few years. 

On the flip side, IM have offered us the following roles giving us the opportunity to still be involved on the day:

White bag drop @ Pennington Flash carpark

Start time 4 - 4:30 AM. (1 - 2 hours). 

10-12+ people needed.

Role involves taking white bags from athletes containing their finishing items and matching bag number to same numbered peg on the lorry.

Blue bag drop @ T1 area, Pennington Flash

Start time 6 - 6-30 AM (3 - 4 hours).

10-12+ people needed.

Role involves receiving blue bags in the transition area which contain athletes used wetsuits. Bags will need to be secured and thrown into large bins/ tubs numbered in batches of 50. Again matching bag number to relevant bin. 

Bike collection @ T2 Queens Park, Bolton

Start time 5 PM (5 hours).

Around 5 people needed.

Role will be checking athletes numbers to the bike number they are collecting from T2 and making sure they are taking correct bike home.

We have another call with IM this Friday and they’re looking for us to confirm which role/s we’d be interested in doing, if any.

I know this is short notice and given that two of the roles are early starts can we have a show of hands as soon as possible so we can secure the roles for another great year of volunteering.

Any questions regarding the above please reach out to Lynn Boylin or Karen Burgoyne 

Thank you!