Thursday, 27 May 2021

•Update from Ironman• by Lynn & Karen


•Update from Ironman•

Hi guys, up to now Ironman Bolton is still going ahead on Sunday 4th July

Ironman are keen to have A&T volunteers helping out on the day again, however we’ve been told that there will be some changes to the course aid stations because of Covid-19.

As a result of these changes, there won’t be a feed station at the Ravenswood Drive location which we have managed there for the past few years. 

On the flip side, IM have offered us the following roles giving us the opportunity to still be involved on the day:

White bag drop @ Pennington Flash carpark

Start time 4 - 4:30 AM. (1 - 2 hours). 

10-12+ people needed.

Role involves taking white bags from athletes containing their finishing items and matching bag number to same numbered peg on the lorry.

Blue bag drop @ T1 area, Pennington Flash

Start time 6 - 6-30 AM (3 - 4 hours).

10-12+ people needed.

Role involves receiving blue bags in the transition area which contain athletes used wetsuits. Bags will need to be secured and thrown into large bins/ tubs numbered in batches of 50. Again matching bag number to relevant bin. 

Bike collection @ T2 Queens Park, Bolton

Start time 5 PM (5 hours).

Around 5 people needed.

Role will be checking athletes numbers to the bike number they are collecting from T2 and making sure they are taking correct bike home.

We have another call with IM this Friday and they’re looking for us to confirm which role/s we’d be interested in doing, if any.

I know this is short notice and given that two of the roles are early starts can we have a show of hands as soon as possible so we can secure the roles for another great year of volunteering.

Any questions regarding the above please reach out to Lynn Boylin or Karen Burgoyne 

Thank you!

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Written by the club committee

 The Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners family was saddened this week to learn about the sudden passing away of two well loved and recent members of the club in David Capner and Mark Lyscia, both of whom were known for their warm and friendly natures and will be sorely missed. Mark always had a smile on his face and was well known for his excellent race photography with which he raised charity funds. Dave always had a quip ready and was really welcoming and supportive within the club. Our thoughts are with their friends and family at this time.

Tim Campbell

Sunday, 28 March 2021

A&T Freedom 3 race mini-series

 A&T Freedom 3 race mini-series

Introducing the A&T Freedom 3 race mini-series. An intra-club comp with 3 different races on closed trails over 3 weeks, to get us back into the competitive groove before “proper” racing starts. Each route will be zero navigation and can be run in road shoes, though you can choose trails if you prefer! All are welcome to join in and even if you can’t manage to do all 3 races it’d be great to see you out there on 1 or 2 of them. Let’s see how many A&T vests we can get out there! And maybe you can organise yourselves into groups of up to 6 to run them in small groups.

The rules are as follows. The first 2 routes are to be run at any time during the stated week. You can run the route as many times as you like during that week, with your best elapsed time counting. Then, assuming that the easing of lockdown continues as planned, the final race will be run competitively on the morning of Sat April 17th in small covid-compliant groups according to your expected 5K time and we will use the booking system for this one. Scoring will be the usual 30 for fastest, 29 for 2nd, etc and I will run this as separate male/female comps, publishing the scores after each race. Please record your race online somewhere I can see on Garmin, Strava, etc and let me know by IM, email, carrier pigeon, whatever. Tagging me in a Strava comment is the easiest and note that I need your elapsed time, so it would be good if you could set it to Type = Race. And finally, note that anyone straying from the current government rules will be disqualified.

Further details for each race will be posted separately as Facebook “events”, and just to reiterate that they have been picked for zero navigation (no gpx required!), to allow road shoes and also for their scenic aspect. A brief summary is below.

Race 1 during 29th Mar – 4th Apr @ Sankey Canal. 5 miles, straight out-and-back on hard trails.

Race 2 during 5th Apr – 11th Apr @ Borsdane Wood. 5.5 miles, 2x out-and-back on hard trails. 

Race 3 on Sat 17th Apr @ Silver Lane Lakes. 5k, 1x marked lap on hard trails. 

Any questions, please get in touch. Happy racing!


Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Minutes for Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners AGM 30th January 2021 (via Zoom)


Minutes for Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners AGM 30th January 2021 (via Zoom)


The members were welcomed to the meeting and there were apologies from Committee members, John Hall and Dave Sloan


Treasurers Report

Malc informed the members that the bank account is healthy for the size of the club. Lost revenue from volunteering at Manchester marathon and Bolton Ironman offset by not having to pay LSV track fees. He expects things to be similar for 2021 so proposes to set subs for 2021 the same as in 2020;

  • £35 for membership renewal
  • £40 for new members
  • £20 for second claim members
  • £25 for half year membership which starts from 1st August.


Membership needs to be renewed within 4 weeks of the AGM or they will be considered as a new member and the fee will be £40





Proposed change to Constitution



Election of Officers & Committee

The following committee positions were elected: -




Club Secretary

Mark Riches


Malc Collins

Membership Secretary

Jon Hall

Road Captain

Joan Cooke & Cath Worsley

Race Organiser

Mark Riches

Tri Captain

Gary Firth

Ultra-running Captain

David Sloan

Fell Captain

Rachel Haslam

Cross-country Captain

Tim Campbell

IT manager (non-committee)

Peter Worthington



Mark advised everyone that he has ordered 20th anniversary commemorative t-shirts for all paid-up members as at 31/01/2021 (Jon has provided a list) Also Mark is hoping to organise some sort of race (maybe inter-club challenge) followed by drinks in GP, when we are allowed!

Friday, 29 January 2021


AGM Sunday 31st January 2021 – reminder


My earlier post HERE refers


Please dial-in and support YOUR Club


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 2384 4078
Passcode: runners

2021 AGM agenda - Sunday 31st January 2021 at 20:00





Treasurer’s report and adoption of the accounts



Setting of membership fees for 2021






Proposed changes to the constitution



Election of officers and committee



  • Club Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Road Captain
  • Race Organiser
  • Tri Captain
  • Ultra-running Captain
  • Fell Captain
  • Cross-country Captain
  • IT manager (non-committee)