Friday 30 June 2017

Bull Hill Fell Race

The next race in the fell champs is Bull Hill fell race next Thu 6th July, hosted by Radcliffe AC. This is another one that will be suitable for all, it's relatively short at 5.5 miles, but remember your waterproof if it's raining! Details at the following link

Thursday 29 June 2017

Eddie's Revenge Fell Race report - Phil Riley

Who the F!@K is Eddie??

Apparently, Eddie Miln formerly of Middleton Harriers, setup the race and then promptly moved a safe distance away to the sanctuary of Blackpool! Thanks Eddie, hope you're enjoying the beach while we all tackle your Big One!!

This revenge of a race was organised by Middleton Harriers and was £5 entry or free with a homemade cake! Registration took place in the warm, dry and peaceful St Saviours C of E Church, near Shaw. Not that could be said for the weather, course and conditions awaiting us. Due to the weather, waterproof jackets were mandatory to be worn or carried...and so began the obligatory panicking among the team to make sure all had jackets (or bum bags stuffed with socks Phil Spencer!) and due faffing on whether to wear them under/over A&T vests or carried or tied around the waist etc etc etc! The start was 200m away at Shore Edge Methodist Church. Again, a religious tone that would only get more colourful at the finish line!!

132 brave lambs including 11 A&Ters (9 men and 2 ladies) listened to a short course briefing before being set off by the woof of the Mountain Rescue dog! This was my first Club Fell race and Tim had kindly given me a 'Tim Top Tip' which was to try and start near the front and get in a good position leading into a bit of a bottle neck  1/4mile from the start. Heeding the mountain goats wise words, I set off a little too 'briskly' for my own lungs and was already blowing badly before the first real climb upto the fells! At least I was on the podium at this point!

Tim, Rob and Carl had already disappeared up the hill and as I started turning purple, another of our mountain goats Simon soon passed me. The fell master dealt a disapproving shake of the head as he bounded up the rocky path. Phil Spencer then caught me as we nearly reached the top of the first lung busting climb. Even though the rain had stopped, conditions were still damp and the paths were rocky, slippy and muddy in places. I am quite a good descender but I didn't fancy any face planting this evening! As I re-passed Phil, the first descent was scuppered by Sloan's pre-race nobbling trick of telling me to tie my jacket around the waist, half zipped and tucked in! It started to come down and for the next few hundred metres looked like I was running in a kilt while trying to retrieve something from my sporran! Sloan duly flew past with all arms flailing as I grappled with my bits as we headed back Up!

The slippery Sloan wasn't too far in front as the race saw us summit Crompton Moor where we were then hit with head winds as we picked our way back across the fell and onto a very steep and narrow descent. This was pretty treacherous trying to come down at speed. With the added obstacle at the bottom of three posts strategically positioned in the middle of the narrow path (probably left there by our friend Eddie), just to finish anyone off who's legs hadn't already been felled!!  (did you see what I did there!?)

No one else had caught me so I was looking good even if I wasn't feeling it. One more 'lump' followed as I checked around for any blue vests hunting me down, before another short sharp rocky descent close to the finish. A quick hurdle over some wooden path traps and across the finish line!  1000ft of climb in 3.7miles and some scars to show for it! Notably a pulled Tricep! Of all things to pull...a tricep in a fell race! Maybe I should try using the legs!

In the finish area, Tiger Tim was looking pretty pleased with himself after bagging 3rd place overall and Rob with a fantastic top ten. As we waited for all the A&T athletes to finish, the air turned more and more blue with everyone's descriptions of the 'undulating' course! We had a good chuckle at Anthony who was pipped on the final corner by Kieran. Anthony apparently wasn't aware of where the finish was! 'Strategically' holding something back for a fast finish!! Good work. Better luck next time...

We headed down and back to the Church to warm up with a brew and a cake before the award presentation. And as I told Dave's supporting mother about her son...Tim, despite earlier insisting on wanting a quick getaway, waited patiently for his box of maltesers!  We hope Kay enjoyed eating them!

Well done to all and great effort. It was a good honest race and I personally loved my first Club Fell race and will be back for time with more legs and less wardrobe malfunction!

A&T Results:

Tim Campbell 26.55

Rob Johnson 28.47

Simon Ford 31.16

Carl Murray 31.23

Dave Sloan 32.14

Phil Riley 33.10

Kieran Lomas 35.02

Anthony Hart 35.07

Phil Spencer-Gray 35.23

Clare Matchwick 39.12

Kerry Lomas 47.30

If you're on Strava check out the Flyby:

Official results here:

Next Fell race is next week:    6th July 7.30pm, Bull Hill, Bury (BS) 5.5miles, 1099ft

Monday 26 June 2017

Ironman Volunteers by Lynn Boylin

There is a feed station briefing on Saturday 15th July (11am to 12 noon) at the Macron Station, BL6 6JW, everyone welcome if you want to attend.

Our water station is on "The Lane"
From Atherton go up Newbrook Road to the lighs, over the lights to the next step of lights.  Turn left onto Hulton Lane A6145.  At the bottom turn left and next right up Beaumont Road to the top.  We are on Chorley New Road (A673).

The station will open at 11am to set up.  We need 25 volunteers at any one time during the day.  It is going to be very busy.

Please let me know if you are able to help.  Some of us are staying all day but you are free to come and go as you please.  It would be helping to get an idea of what times people are expecting to attend

1) all day
2) morning
3) afternoon
4) late afternoon
5) evening

Friday 23 June 2017

Captains Mystery Race & League Table

The next race in the road championships will be my Mystery race.  You will find out the Distance, Route and Rules on the night.  Wednesday 12th JULY.  Race Briefing will start at 6:30 with the race starting promptly at 6:45.

There will be extra bonus points on offer at this race so its certainly not to be missed.  There will be a £2 fee to cover the costs of prizes payable to me on the night.

This race is open to any A&T member only and club vests or T-shirts to be worn.  

If you have not been entering any of the Road Races this year you are still more than welcome to attend and enter this event, it will be a fun exclusive club night just like the Track mile was.

Clue 1.      The race will be a distance between 1 mile and 6.5 miles

If your thinking of entering this event please leave a comment so I can try and work out approximate
numbers.  Thanks 

The current League table has been updated on the website -  If you spot any errors or feel you are missing some points please message me.

Cap'n CB

Thursday 22 June 2017

Eddie’s Revenge fell race Wed 28th Jun 19:30

The next race on the A&T champs is a return to an old favourite with Eddie’s Revenge, organised by Middleton Harriers.  Entry is £5 on the day, or free with a homemade cake.  It’s relatively short at 3.8m and whilst there’s no hand-on-knees stuff, it is quite “undulating” with quite a bit of climb and a good short, steep descent, however it’s in a relatively enclosed area, mostly on trails and well-marked/marshalled, so accessible to all.
There’s a great video documentary that I’d not seen before, in which you can see several A&T members “enjoying” the race last year.
Full details can be found at the page at the link below:
As always, if you have any questions then please get in touch.

Horwich 5

25 blue vests turned out for the latest Club championships race on what can only be described as a hot, humid and midgey infested race.  
All of us managed to complete the race and that in itself was a great achievement.
My personal highlight of the evening was the support given to everyone member at the finish line and we all stayed until the last runner came home which was more than could be said for the other clubs - fantastic team spirit.   thank you.

Tim and Josie were the first A&T members home :- congratulations to you both.

Full results to be found here :-

Next race will be the captains mystery race on the 12-7-2017.   Don't ask questions just turn up and all will be revealed.    There will be a £2 charge for the race to cover costs of prizes.


Captain CB

Tuesday 20 June 2017

3k Time Trial Results

Well done to those who completed the 3,000m track time trial last night, i know there were some tired legs from racing over the weekend and tired bodies from the recent (and current) warm weather, long may it continue!

Results as follows:

David Sloan 10:51
Jonathan Hyde 11:06(.9)
Mark Collins 11:09
Brendan Loughrey - Not time given
Mark Riches 11:44
Simon Ford - No time given
Phil S-G - No time given
Neil Hodgson 13:09
Claire Matchwick 13:10
'Blisters' Paul Roberts 14:05
Rachel Haslam 14:08
Matt Perry 14:10
Dave Bennett - No time given

Friday 16 June 2017

A&T - Parkrun 8th July

After great success at the last event we have decided to take over the volunteering roles at Parkrun on the 8th July.  I'm looking at making this event a pacing event as well due to the positive feedback we received last time.  I'm now looking for volunteers for this event, below is a list of roles that need filling.  If you able to help out on Saturday 8th July and fill one of the roles then please let me know.  Either by email. or leave a message on the Facebook thread.

Roles required :-

Run Director -   Chris Bennett
Time Keeper -
Backup Time keeper-
Finish Tokens -
Marshall x5 -
Barcode Scanner x 4 -
Tail Runner - Catherine Brides
Report Writer -

Pacing Team, lead by Jon hall

Thanks for your continued support


Thursday 15 June 2017

Lions Bridge

There are still places available for the Lions Bridge Half and Full trail marathon.
It starts and finishes at the Gin Pit on Sunday 9th July at 10:00am.
The Half marathon is 3 laps of the Gin Pit and Lilford trails and the full marathons is 6 laps.
There's a nice bespoke medal to all finishers.
Either of the Lions Bridge events count towards the A&T's Ultra section championship.
For more information and online entry follow the link below:-

Malc Collins

Gin Pit 5 Sponsorship Update

We are delighted to announce that this year we have 5 sponsors for the Gin Pit.  Each sponsor will have their company names and logo on the back of the t-shirts which will be given to every runner taking part.

Louise Simpson Aesthetics
Thomas Smith Fasteners
Stephensons Solicitors
Collins Reinforcements
N Digital Design

Monday 12 June 2017

How Now Brown Cow? 

Race HQ for the Knowl Hill fell race was at the Brown Cow pub in Norden near Rochdale.  Another great turnout of 11 A&T runners met there to register, including Kieran and Kerry, who were taking part in Knowl Hill fell race as the final part of Rochdale Harriers’ 3 day event, excitingly entitled “Rochdale Harriers’ 3 Day Event”. Not a very imaginative name, but it was a tough set of races, so well done to them both for completing all three races so strongly.  The fell race itself was well supported, easily beating last year’s 137 runners with 205 entrants.  I suspect that this was partly down to it being included in the Run the Moors champs, with several clubs well–represented.  As conditions were good and the course was well-marked and marshalled, there were no kit requirements.

Before the race there were handshakes and good lucks all round for the A&T crew, and after the usual safety talk, we were started by a local councillor blowing a whistle, immediately going into the first climb.  Following the recent experience of the Foe Edge start this felt pretty mild, as we followed a gentle slope up a road for about a mile, before going left onto the moors, to follow a trail around a reservoir.  However, it soon got harder as we hit the first bump, which slowed even the toughest, knarliest old fellrunner to a hands-on-knees shuffle.  Usually these local fell races only have one hill like that one, but after conquering the first we soon hit another, even bigger one which had a slightly sharper gradient and so was more like a scramble for most people.  I was struggling by this point and a few people overtook me, which meant that they all had targets on their backs for the downhill, which I was praying was going to come soon.

“Been around the World and I I I, I can’t find my baby”.  Huh?  Interspersed with concentrating on not falling off the edge of a mountain, I always find that strangest things jump into my head on fell races.  Okay, so Lisa Stansfield was the only person that I could think of from Rochdale, but why start an annoying ear-worm halfway up a scramble, when I should be ensuring that I don’t put my hand in a pile of sheep poo?  … Anyway, back to the race and another sharp, but runnable climb took us to the top of Knowl Hill itself.  Every racer had a tag on a string that they had to hand in at the top of the hill to prove that you’d made it that far, not made easy by the strong wind across the top blowing the token all over the place.  But bliss, we now had some downhill and flat bits.  And better still for me, some “technical” bits that I’m usually good on, meaning that I was able to overhaul the chaps that had overtaken me on the earlier hills.  I was still jiggered, but moving well, soon catching another small group and made my move to pass them down a hill.  As I drew level I tripped at full pelt and dived spectacularly head first into a bog, making a huge splash and getting absolutely covered in mud from head to toe.  Fell races are ace!  

I don’t really know how much further it was to the end as my watch was covered in mud, but after several more ups and mostly downs, we finally reached the end down a cobbled and slippery road.  

All in all, it was a good, fun and testing fell race.  Plus as always, spectacular views were guaranteed, with good support this time from Dave and Frank the fell running dog.  Apparently there was also a dead sheep.

Well done to everyone from A&T, results can be found through the link below and the fell champs have been updated on the website.

Sunday 11 June 2017

Horwich 5 - Wednesday 21st June

Horwich 5

The next race in the Road Championships will be on Wednesday 21st June   7:30 start.    (Not Wed 14th - as advertised) 

From previous experience parking for this event is very awkward so I would recommend car sharing where possible.   For those with children they do host a 1 Mile race at 6:45 for primary children and 7:00 for secondary school children - check out the link for entry fees for these races.  

Registration is at :  Rivington Village Club,  Horribin Lane, Rivington, Bolton BL6 7SE

There is a 10 min walk from registration to start line.



Sunday 4 June 2017

Knowl Hill fell race 

The next race in the fell champs is on Sunday 11th July at 11:00 at Knowl Hill, Norden, Rochdale.  Registration is at the Brown Cow pub (OL12 7RB).  It’s 6 miles with 1299ft of climb, so slightly longer, but less steep than Foe Edge.  As usual, stunning scenery is guaranteed!  Entry is £5 on the day, or you can enter online in advance.  Normal FRA kit rules apply which, at this time of year and assuming decent weather, will likely mean nothing needed, but come prepared.  Just to let you know as well that the race is actually the last part of a 3 day event being held by Rochdale Harriers, so if you’re feeling fit and up for a challenge, then check it out.

Just a mention also that there’s a good local fell race being held by Horwich on Thursday, Walsh 2 Lads, which some of you will have done before.  I’m going to try to go, kids allowing! 

If you have any questions on any of this, or need me to bring some spare kit, then just give me a shout.