Friday 23 June 2017

Captains Mystery Race & League Table

The next race in the road championships will be my Mystery race.  You will find out the Distance, Route and Rules on the night.  Wednesday 12th JULY.  Race Briefing will start at 6:30 with the race starting promptly at 6:45.

There will be extra bonus points on offer at this race so its certainly not to be missed.  There will be a £2 fee to cover the costs of prizes payable to me on the night.

This race is open to any A&T member only and club vests or T-shirts to be worn.  

If you have not been entering any of the Road Races this year you are still more than welcome to attend and enter this event, it will be a fun exclusive club night just like the Track mile was.

Clue 1.      The race will be a distance between 1 mile and 6.5 miles

If your thinking of entering this event please leave a comment so I can try and work out approximate
numbers.  Thanks 

The current League table has been updated on the website -  If you spot any errors or feel you are missing some points please message me.

Cap'n CB


Unknown said...

Sounds good.👍

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Count me in..