Friday 16 June 2017

A&T - Parkrun 8th July

After great success at the last event we have decided to take over the volunteering roles at Parkrun on the 8th July.  I'm looking at making this event a pacing event as well due to the positive feedback we received last time.  I'm now looking for volunteers for this event, below is a list of roles that need filling.  If you able to help out on Saturday 8th July and fill one of the roles then please let me know.  Either by email. or leave a message on the Facebook thread.

Roles required :-

Run Director -   Chris Bennett
Time Keeper -
Backup Time keeper-
Finish Tokens -
Marshall x5 -
Barcode Scanner x 4 -
Tail Runner - Catherine Brides
Report Writer -

Pacing Team, lead by Jon hall

Thanks for your continued support


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