Saturday 28 August 2021

Cross Country Update by Tim Campbell

 Exciting announcement: Cross Country season

I have amazing news to share, which is that our first fixture is now confirmed at Leigh Sports Village on Sat 2nd Oct. This is a Red Rose race and I will setup a Facebook event with more details. All information will also be available on the A&T website, which is now updated with the latest available details and I will continue to update with further news in the coming weeks as our affiliated leagues finalise their races.
Next, an ask from you. Very soon I need to pre-register individuals, so if there's the slightest chance that you may compete in even just 1 event this year, then please let me know by next Sunday 5th Sep. This does not commit you, and you can still enter later if you prefer, but that will cost you around £10 per series of 4 or 5 races, rather than £6. Still a bargain though! And in the case of Red Rose you will also miss out on a free 50th anniversary buff for anyone who pre-registers and competes in at least 1 of their races.
And finally, just to say that if you haven't done cross country before, or if you are an old hand who hasn't competed in the past few years, then remember that Cross Country is very inclusive, friendly and above all else, fun, whatever your ability. You don't need to be mega-serious about racing, but you'll definitely feel a part of Team A&T when you arrive at an event and see the A&T flag standing proudly aloft next to our cross country tent, so why not give it a go?! It is also fantastic Winter training and I can pretty much guarantee that if you regularly take part then you will emerge stronger into the 2022 season, whether going for a parkrun PB, competing in triathlon or planning a crazy ultra run. 
If anyone has any further questions at this point then I'd be more than glad to help out, just get in contact. 
Thanks, Tim

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