Tuesday 30 October 2018

Turkey Trot & Rudolph Run 2018

We will be doing our Annual "Turkey Trot handicap" race on Monday 17th December at 1840 hrs as part of the Monday night training session at LSV.  

(The route and distance will be announced on the night -   It will be no further than 5k)

The rules are :-

1) Free to enter for all A&T members.  

2) Each runner MUST bring a prize.  (A bottle, Choc's, Funny Gift etc)

3) First runner back gets 1st pick of the prizes, 2nd 2nd pick etc etc

4) Fancy dress or at least a Xmas hat or jumper is required

5) Your handicap will be announced a few days before the event. 

Prior to the Turkey Trot there will be a Rudolph Run at 1820 hrs  for any of our members Children or Grandchildren Under 16 years

This will consist of 4 laps of the Track  (1 Mile) 

Free to enter and each runner will receive a medal and a gift from Santa. 

Please email me at if you wish to take part in the Turkey Trot,  if you wish to enter someone in the Rudolph Run then please message me their names.  



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