Monday, 18 June 2018

Hollins Green 5K

The next road championship race is this Sunday 10am start.  This is a new race that I've added for this year.

Here is the link for all details :



Monday, 11 June 2018

Knowl Hill Fell Race

Six members of the A&T fell crew arrived at the Brown Cow pub to register for Knowl Hill fell race, which is day 3 of the Rochdale Harrier 3 day event, so there was a good atmosphere for the start. Especially as everyone was given a medallion to wear for the race. Well, a plastic token on a bit of string to hand in at the highest point, but still, it was bling to me! There was also promise of a hands-on-knees bit during this race, so we all decided to start slow and build into it. Probably a good choice anyway given the heat, as I was pouring with sweat after less than a mile and must have lost a few pints during the race. A couple of miles in and I found myself on all fours as I negotiated a hill, but it was only a short one and I was still thinking that it was all a fuss about nothing when I rounded a bend and saw the real hill, which I realised afterwards on Strava is a segment called “What! Up THAT!!!”. You can imagine, and it wasn’t made any easier by the horse flies swarming around on this hill in particular. What I don’t understand is what these horse flies live on in these empty hills when there aren’t fell runners to attack. Answers on a postcard please. Anyway, I made it up the hill, 5 points of contact at all times, and then basically staggered around the remaining part of the race to the end, including the top of Knowl hill where I had to relinquish my medallion into a bucket to prove that I’d not taken a short cut. On another day this would be a lovely course, but the close weather and close attention of horse flies made it a bit of a chore. The best bits were sitting in a nice cold stream at the end having drunk about 10 cups of water, and then the chip butty in the pub afterwards.
It was a tough one today, so well done to Nick Goaley who won 1st prize for youngsters.
Great results all round and I’ll share them when I see them posted online. In the meantime, I’ve updated the fell champs on the A&T website.
Next club race is Kinder Trog (BL) on 24th June which is at 16 miles is not one for the uninitiated, but please ask if you have any questions.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Knowl Hill fell race 

The next race in the A&T fell calendar is Knowl Hill on Sunday 10th June at 11am. With features en route such as "Bone Hole", "Muckin Nook" and "Forsyth Brow", this is an event not to be missed. Head to the link below for more details.