Friday 19 October 2018

REMINDER - Cross Country Race 2 - Heaton Park - 20/10/2018

REMINDER: Cross Country tomorrow afternoon - Heaton Park, Manchester, M25 2SW. 1:40 ladies start, 2:20 for gents.

This is your first SELCC race so bring your £6 and register with the organiser at the race (so make sure you allow a bit more time). Don't forget pins for your number and remember to keep your numbers for the whole season.

There's a number of car parks around the park itself, there are charges for parking from memory and I'm sure they've increased them to pay for park upkeep, so bring some change, ideally car share if you can. Head towards the Hall at the top of the hill, all the tents are usually there. I'll have my phone if you need me 07971993903.

A little birdy tells me there are treats for after the race too!

Weather is looking perfect for tomorrow, cant wait to see you there :)

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