Friday 12 October 2018

Gin Pit 5

Hi all,

It's been a mad week at race HQ. 

Here are the times i'd like people to arrive who are volunteering

Registration - No later than 8.30am
Gary Stevens , Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam

Car Park Marahals - No later than 8.30am
Scott P, Shaun, Amanda & Mike Partington, Darren Williamson

Course Marshals and Timekeepers - No later than 9.15am (see Craig Bradbury for instructions)

Marshals - Craig Bradbury (head marshal), Joan Cooke, Andrew Cass, Matthew Perry, Lynn Boylin, Josie Maley-Jones, Dave Sloan, Michelle Fairclough, Anthony Hart

Timekeepers - Gary Stevens, Chris B, Claire Matchwick, Tim Campbell

If any of our wonderful members are bringing a cake to donate please see Lynn or Karen who will look after it for you.

I'd appreciate it if you could park away from the car park where possible and walk it in or car share or bike it to allow people who are not from the area to get nearer to race HQ. 

Myself & Chris B will be around on the day to answer any questions runners may have about the course etc.

See you Sunday for the madness of the Gin Pit!

Gary S

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