Friday, 15 September 2017

Thank You Volunteers!

Just a note to say 'Thank you' to everyone who has volunteered for help at the Gin Pit 5. 
The rota is now completed and i'll post details about what time you need to arrive.

To all other members, feel free to enter the race on the below link.

Final volunteer list. 

10 course marshals - Craig Bradbury (team leader), Chris Scholes, Mike Carter, Suzanne Gregory, Clare Unsworth, Joan Cooke, Cath Worsley, Gary Firth, Scott Priestley

4 x Car Park (can race) - Tim Campbell (team leader),  Barry Allman, Phil Griffiths, Carl Waldie, Mark Collins

2 x Course set and clean up (can race)  - Brendan & Craig, help off Scott Priestley clearing up

3 x Registration (can race) - Gary Stevens (team leader),  Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam

3 x Time Keepers - Mark Riches (team leader), Gary Stevens, Jo Riches, Chris, Tim,

1x Water Station - Jon Hall & Lynn Boylin

1 x presentation - Chris Bennett

1 x race starter - Chris Bennett

3 or 4 x handing out t-shirts -Emma Stevens, Annabel Stevens,

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Presentation Night

Early reminder that the presentation night is looming. Please save the date as this is always the highlight of the year.

Saturday 16th December.   7:30

As discussed at the club meeting last week, I'm looking for some fresh ideas from members on how I can jazz the night up a little.   I'm looking for some suggestions on how we do conduct some of the awards that members vote for. If you you have any sensible ideas/suggestions then please message me.
A night where you can always expect the unexpected !


T-Shirts have arrived!

The t-shirts have arrived, modelled by 'Ironman' Mr John Lee!

The only way to secure one of these beauties is to be in the first 250 entries at the Gin Pit 5 on Sunday 1st October 2017

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Gin Pit 5 - Sunday 1st October Entry Details

If you want to race but haven't already done so you can enter online on the below link  ...

Each finisher will get a free technical t-shirt.

Minutes of Club Meeting 06/09/2017

Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners

Wednesday 6 September 2017 at 19:30

1 Welcome MR welcomed everyone to the meeting; all committee present, including new committee member, Lynn Boylin, except DS & JB plus approx. 20 members

2 X-country 2017/18 season MR talked everyone through his Blog dated 29/08/2017; not sure of cost yet, as paperwork not arrived, but approx. £10 in total for all 3 leagues

3 Road update CB said he was pleased with attendance at races and results include Wigan 10K

4 Fell update TC said that the fell section was flourishing and that the Run the Moors league has been a great success

5 Tri update MT said that he is looking into joining Epic Events league; details to follow. In the meantime, if you have completed a triathlon this year make sure that you have advised MT or JB

5 Gill Pimblott race 2017 – update MR referred everyone to his Blog dated 29/08/2017 and confirmed that we raised £375 which will be sent to St Ann’s Hospice. Big thank you to everyone who donated and particularly Shaun for organising

6 GP5 volunteers We talked through the various issues with the car park last year. TC seems to have this in hand but any additional help on the day would be welcome (can still race) we also decided that we could raise a bit extra money if members bring along cakes and we have an honesty box. Finally, in order to avoid anyone getting lost, we still need another 4 course marshals; if you can spare a couple of hours on Sunday 01/10/2017 please let either GS or MR know as soon as possible. Remember all volunteers get a race T-shirt

7 Next meeting Wednesday 08/11/2017 after training

8 AOB ·
MC wanted permission from the committee to apply for race permit for GP marathon – granted as half marathon will be a club race ·
CB presentation night – any ideas how to refresh voting / presentation night itself etc. to CB ·
TC noticeboard and sign need to be updated;
MR will sort out the noticeboard and MC will speak to Neil about the sign ·
JH confirmed that we have 107 members

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Another Volunteer Request,

 Race Update 06/09

There are just a few more roles that require volunteers - see below

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far.  We are still looking to fill some vacancies.  If you are free to help out please let me know so i can add you to the list.

It's fast approaching that time of the year where your club needs a couple of hours of your time to help with our annual Gin Pit 5 which is on Sunday 1st October.

There are a number of roles that need filling, some of which you are free to race.

If anyone can help please email or contact a committee member via email or facebook.

10 course marshals - Craig Bradbury (team leader), Chris Scholes, Mike Carter, Suzanne Gregory, Clare Unsworth, Joan Cooke, Cath Worsley, Gary Firth, Karen Chesterfield White, Scott Priestley

4 x Car Park (can race) - Tim Campbell (team leader),  Barry Allman, Phil Griffiths, Carl Waldie, Mark Collins

2 x Course set and clean up (can race)  - Brendan & Craig, help off Scott Priestley clearing up

3 x Registration (can race) - Gary Stevens (team leader),  Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam

3 x Time Keepers - Mark Riches (team leader), Gary Stevens, Jo Riches, Chris, Tim,

1x Water Station - Jon Hall & Lynn Boylin

1 x presentation - Chris Bennett

1 x race starter - Chris Bennett

3 or 4 x handing out t-shirts -Emma Stevens, Annabel Stevens,

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A&T Road Wigan 10k

A record 38 people from the club turned up on Sunday for the 5th and largest to date Wigan 10k. As this is my favourite race I decided to add this to the club championships.  Being of a large build does have some advantages when it comes to barging your way onto the front row.  I  wanted to show the people of Wigan how much fun it is being an A&T member. #alwaysrecruiting.

After a slow countdown from from Jack Johnson himself the race got underway at 10am, and for the record I led for the first 2 meters before I let the elites take over.

First 3 men :- Tim Campbell, Gary Stevens and Mark Collins.
First 3 ladies :- Josie Maley, Jackie Price and Susan Fletcher.

Away from the speedsters there were some amazing results across on leagues with quite a lot of close finishes and most importantly PB's galore   This just shows that the work you are putting in on club training nights is really paying off

The next road championship race is the Swinton 5.25 mile  (1lap) on the  24th September (no need to pre-book)

This is then followed by the Manchester Half Marathon on the 15th October (Must pre-book ASAP)

The club website has been updated with the latest Road Championship standings.
Please have a look when you can and if you spot an error and want something clarifying then please contact me.

Cap'n CB

Monday, 4 September 2017

Club Meeting Wednesday 6th September

'Apologies' for the short notice.

This coming Wednesday 6th September we are holding a club meeting at 7.30pm (after efforts) to discuss mainly the Gin Pit 5 plus a few other agenda items.

*All members are very welcome to attend*

Agenda as follows.

1 Welcome MR 

2 X-country 2017/18 season MR 

3 Road update CB 

4 Fell update TC 

5 Gill Pimblott race 2017 – update MR 

6 GP5 volunteers ALL 

7 Next meeting MR 


Saturday, 2 September 2017

Race Report: Grisedale Horseshoe fell race 

It’s always a relief when you are crawling on your hands and knees up a mountain with your muscles screaming for you to stop, and looking behind you through your legs you see that the guy behind you is doing exactly the same, then you look up through your arms and the guy just ahead of you is doing the same too.  Clearly it’s not just me that’s bonkers, plus it looks like I’m catching the guy in front, maybe I can gain another place?  Blimey, get a grip, how can I think about racing when I can’t even stand up and I’m gasping for a drink!  Anyway, rewind, that was the last climb, I should go back to the start in Glenridding where 3 gutsy A&T athletes (Ant, Carl and me) lined up with 150 competitors and listened to the race director give a bit of a rant about people not turning up with full kit, before a count from 3 set us off.  

A short run up the road and a signpost at a fork showed that we needed to turn right for Helvellyn, this navigation bit is a doddle!  We continued to follow a stony path, but it wasn’t long before we turned off onto the fells from Hole in the Wall and across to the first checkpoint at Catstycam.  From there it was across to Swirral Edge via Red Tarn, with fantastic views and a great bit of clambering over rocks to make it up to Helvellyn.  This is a bit I know quite well and it’s very runnable across to Dollywaggon, with an amazing, but punishing, descent down to Grisedale Tarn, avoiding Cock Cove (that’s a mistake you don’t make twice!).  I splashed my way across Grisedale Beck and onto the slog up to St Sunday Crag.  

Knowing the best route is a good part of successful fell running and Anthony had mentioned that there was a great descent off the Crag down a scree chute, if you knew where to go, but if you missed the right line you could end up crag-bound.  The safe alternative was a long loop around the path.  I watched the line of runners in front safely continue off down the path to the right, but then suddenly the guy directly in front of me furtively swerved off to the left.  This is it I thought, the secret scree chute and plunged off the side of the crag in hot pursuit.  I love scree, if you get it right, you can run down at a blistering pace as the scree cushions your steps and allows you almost to ski down.  This guy knew what he was doing and we ended up gaining a load of places just through good route choice.  Plus I overtook him, ha ha!

At the bottom we splashed through another beck and were soon onto the last climb, a massive sting in the tail, which I may have mentioned earlier as being rather difficult.  The guy at the top read my A&T Road Runners top and told me that I was a long way from any roads, cheeky bugger!  We then headed off down the last descent to Glenridding which under normal circumstances I’d have rattled down, but my legs were shredded by this point and I made it down as best I could to the finish line (thank god!).

Another fantastic fell race done, and only one left in the A&T Champs now, which is Withins Skyline on Sunday 8th Oct and promises to be more gentle at 7.5 miles and only 984ft of climb. 


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Gill Pimblott race 2017 (race the train driver) - by Mark Riches

The earlier post HERE refers

We raised £375, which is a fantastic effort

Big thank you to everyone who took part / donated especially Shaun who not only organised the event but played the part of the train driver!

2017/18 X-Country fixtures – by Mark Riches

I think that the dates and venues might already be on FB, but here is a complete list of races made up of 3 different leagues

·         Red Rose
·         Mid Lancs
·         South East Lancs
Red Rose
Mid Lancs
Cuerden Valley Park
Red Rose
Red Rose
Leverhulme Park, Bolton
Heaton Park
Mid Lancs
Sefton Park, Liverpool
Red Rose
Mid Lancs
Tandle Hill
Mid Lancs
Towneley Park, Burnley
Mid Lancs
Rylands Park, Lancaster
Mid Lancs

Some of the Mid Lancs races involve quite a lot of travel and this year we have 2 or 3 clashes

My intention is to go with best 7 from 11 races and include the following races where there are clashes

·         14th October - Red Rose LSV
·         18th November - Red Rose Bolton
·         17th February - SEL Chorley

Monday, 28 August 2017

Grizedale Horseshoe fell race Sat 2nd Sep 11:00
This little beauty begins at the lovely setting of Glenridding on Ullswater (CA11 0PA), entry £5 on the day only.
Covering 9.9 miles and 5003 ft of climb, the race takes in Catstye Cam followed by Helvellyn, Dollywaggon, down to Grisedale Tarn and then back up to St Sunday Crag. The return journey is via Grisedale Beck to Hole in the Wall and back to Glenridding Village Hall for a welcome cup of tea, soup and a butty.
Please be prepared to carry full kit, including map and compass.  This is another one where in good conditions you'll be fine to follow people (and take in some of the best views the Lake district has to offer), but if the clag is down, you could need to navigate.  
As always, any questions, give me a shout.  Cheers, Tim

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sedbergh Hills fell race report:

Feck, that was hard!

Well done and thanks to Brendan and Phil for joining me in taking part.  The A&T fell champs have been updated and race results can be found at the website below.

Only 2 more races to go now, the next one is the slightly easier and shorter Grizedale Horseshoe on Sat 2nd Sep at 11:00.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Track Time Trial Results - 14/08/2017

Firstly, congratulations to everyone who took part on Monday, there were some really strong times and some really great efforts by all.

Secondly I want to apologise for this going out so late. I'll try to be more organised next week after Monday's 3K and 5K time trials.


1500m 800m 400m 200m
Rob 04:48.73
Rob 02:22.59
Rob 01:02.17
Matt T 28.92
Tim 05:12.83
Tim 02:35.18
Matt T 01:06.73
Gareth 30.05
Matt T 05:39.92
Matt T 02:41.35
Gareth 01:08.81
Oli 31.95
Gareth 05:46.08
Gareth 02:51.11
Oli 01:12.65
James 34.15
Oli 05:46.64
Oli 02:47.42
James L 01:14.17
Vanessa 34.21
James L 05:49.64
James L 02:49.95
Claire M 01:19.14
Matthew 34.51
Claire M 06:07.20
Claire M 02:56.40
Matthew 01:21.60
Claire M 35.41
Vanessa 06:45.47
Vanessa 03:27.79
Vanessa 01:23.83
Dave B 37.91
Matthew 06:47.57
Nicola 03:32.78
Nicola 01:37.65
Nicola 41.40
Nicola 06:56.36
Matthew 04:01.12
Dave B 01:44.41
Carmel 07:39.30
Carmel 04:09.27
Carmel 01:48.18
Dave B 09:23.65
Dave B 04:31.31

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

18th North West Counties Road Relays. (Blackpool)

I've  been asked to look into this event which is to be held in Stanley Park , Blackpool.  On Saturday 9th September.

Ladies is teams of 3 - running 5.2km each £15 per team. Start 13:20hrs

Men is teams of 4 - running 6.6km each £20 per team.  Start 14:30 hrs

If you are in interested in taking part please let me know so I can register the teams. Once I have numbers I can put people into teams.

There maybe some scope for beers afterwards in Blackpool !



Monday, 14 August 2017

Gin Pit 5 Volunteers Required

 Race Update 06/09

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far.  We are still looking to fill some vacancies.  If you are free to help out please let me know so i can add you to the list.

It's fast approaching that time of the year where your club needs a couple of hours of your time to help with our annual Gin Pit 5 which is on Sunday 1st October.

There are a number of roles that need filling, some of which you are free to race.

If anyone can help please email or contact a committee member via email or facebook.

10 course marshals - Craig Bradbury (team leader), Chris Scholes, Mike Carter, Suzanne Gregory, Clare Unsworth, Joan Cooke

3 x Car Park (can race) - Tim Campbell (team leader),  Barry Allman, Phil Griffiths

2 x Course set and clean up (can race)  - Brendan Loughrey,

3 x Registration (can race) - Gary Stevens (team leader),  Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam

3 x Time Keepers - Mark Riches (team leader), Gary Stevens, Jo Riches

1x Water Station - Jon Hall & Cath Worsley

1 x presentation - Chris Bennett

1 x race starter - Chris Bennett

3 or 4 x handing out t-shirts -Emma Stevens, Annabel Stevens,

Sedbergh Hills fell race Sun 20th Aug 11am

This Sunday at 11am sees the next club fell race at Sedbergh Hills (parking at Sedbergh School, LA10 5HG) .  I’m not going to lie, this one will be a toughie at 14 miles and 6,000 ft of climb, so it’d be best if you were fairly confident on the hills.  Also worth noting is that the course won’t be marked / marshalled all the way and so, whilst it’s a popular race and you should be able to follow people, if you did lose contact with the pack due to poor visibility, then you may need to navigate out of it.  I expect that the organisers will therefore expect you to carry map and compass, plus probably most of the full FRA kit, so waterproofs (taped seams), whistle, water, emergency food, etc.  Details of full kit requirements are on the FRA website. 
There is an option to pre-register, which is slightly cheaper, and you can find this and other details of the race at the official race website below.  As always, please get in contact if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help.

Monday, 7 August 2017

A&T Wednesday Efforts Session

Wednesday Efforts Night

A few changes are happening for the rest of the summer nights i am planning on doing one Wednesday session from LSV once a month

So this Wednesday will be from LSV, the web site has been updated with the sessions and the locations

we are doing this to help others attend the session who cannot make GinPit in time.

Winter efforts will be always East Lancs.

Any question please get in contact with me

Monday, 31 July 2017

In memory of Gill Pimblott.
4 Mile run.
Can you catch Shaun in race the train driver.
£8.00 entry fee on the day. Please arrive early to register.
All money raised will be donated to Gill Pimlotts charity.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Turnslack fell race report 

humdinger [huhm-ding-er]: noun (informal) “a remarkable or outstanding person or thing of its kind”

Before the Turnslack fell race I was reliably informed that it was a “humdinger”, or at least Claire overheard someone say this in the queue for the toilet, but however unorthodox our source of information, they were absolutely right.  2,000 ft of climb in 8 miles meant that this was almost the same as doing the previous two champs fell races back-to-back!  And humdinger was just one word used to describe this race, with many other, more colourful, adjectives being used after people had experienced it, in fact I was quite shocked at how many of these words Kerry knew! 

The race started below the church used for registration and went straight into a long climb up a road, which turned into a track and then turned into a narrow trod on the moors.  As well as the constantly undulating course, a feature of this race was the off-road sections across rough and boggy moorland, where footing was treacherous for the incautious.  During one such crossing, the presence of what looked like a recently surfaced and perfectly polished white human thigh bone lying on the top of the bog gave me additional pause for thought.  However, there was also beauty amongst the ruggedness of the fells and a couple of times we crossed grounds that were carpeted with white dots in every direction, as if the fields had been speckled by stars.  Bog cotton, never was an uglier name given to such loveliness.

The end of the race was also memorable for 2 reasons, the first being the actual finish, which skirted the high wall around the graveyard and relied on you spotting a sharp and narrow right-angle turn up the steps to an unusually situated finish line, right at the church door.  The second was post-finish, with the after-race drinks being served in cleaned-out Pot Noodle pots, classy stuff and only at fell races, you don’t get that kind of thing at the London Marathon!

Well done to everyone who took part, it was a good test of legs and character.  I’ll post a link to the results when I find one!  In the meantime, the latest fell champs have been updated on the website.  

The next race is another step up again and not to be taken lightly at Sedburgh Hills on 20th Aug 11:00, AL 14M 6004ft.  

Friday, 28 July 2017

Road Race - Reminders

The next races in the road season calendar are :-

CLGP race only (Not club championships - Chorley 4.4 miles  2nd August)

Club Champs

Pennington Flash 5 -                27th August

Wigan 10k   -                           3rd September

Swinton 5.25 -                         24th September

Manchester Half Marathon  -  15th October

Captains Advice -     I strongly recommend you book on the Wigan and Manchester races ASAP as rumour has it as they are expecting race limits to be reached in August.



Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Ironman Journey - James B

My journey started many years ago when weighed 25 stone I have always battled with weight and still do.

I decided to do Ironman as I love to put my body to the limit and to see what I can do. Also to prove to myself I am fit enough and it does not matter what shape or size you are. Anything is possible 

People who know me realize that I always train and live for it. The feeling of pushing myself is like a drug. Because of my weight I also feel I have something to prove all the time. Always get comments when racing "god he is doing well for his size" these comments just push me more. To be honest I still have to lose more but what people may not know is when you have abused your body it is hard to get it back (perfectly flat) often wish I was skinny but I am not and just have to deal with it the best I can. I was hoping I would lose more during ironman training. But when training hard and doing a lot of hours you need to eat. So only dropped a stone

I started the plan with Graham and Scott - we were already friends but have become much closer. When going through 32 weeks of training the amount of highs and lows you go through is unreal but we all pulled together and supported each other through out. Times when you feel you just cannot do another day of training.

During training I have improved my swimming from being a 2,10 per yard to a 1,39 and being able to hold that pace. Even though Hindley baths was empty on a Tuesday night the support from Claire Matchwick and her advice was brilliant and Shaun who put together some real good sessions has made the difference.

 My cycling improved with using Trainer Road and a power meter which I think is anamazing tool and we were doing 4-5 bike sessions a week. Also having Graham with all his knowledge in cycling helped loads. My running started to go down hill when I tore a muscle and missed a lot of long runs which affected me on race day. The last 5 weeks were very worrying and I did silly things like kept running and making it worse, in the end I had 12 days off running and Warren did an amazing job getting me to race day

Race day - my nerves were all over the place thinking to myself how the hell I am going to complete this, really worried about the run - had I done enough.

Swim - got myself in the 80min wave, even though I had done 70mins for distance just thought it would be best. My swim went very well. thought I could have gone quicker but very hard getting past so many people getting kicked and swum over. First lap was in 36 mins second was slower as I started to lap the slower swimmers but over all swim time was 1hr 16mins. 

T1 - messed about again chatting away to random people when I should have been getting on with it.

Bike - this is what I wanted to smash I had worked hard on the bike. So I pulled my bike off the rack and as I went down the road someone smashed my rear mech so it was changing and slipping gears. I was so upset knowing it was affecting my ride and knowing Sheep House was coming up.... when I got to 25miles my power was really down nowhere near it. So I had to just get on with it and thought sod it, if I brake down at least I tried - so started to up my power. Hoping I would find my chief mechanic (Dave) but found him at 70 miles and just thought I would carry on. When I picked up my bike that evening I took the wheel off and the whole rear mech fell to bits so I was very lucky. Also first time ever when riding I was cramping. Had to stop twice and get massages with cold water, amazing what people do for you in this event helping you out. Came into T2 happy but pissed off knowing I could pushed it tiny bit more. 

T2 – was me trying to relax and took a min as I was really worried also thought with good time here would make a massive difference in my overall time.

Run - came out felt ok and HR was low but that did not last long around a mile in massive cramp in my hand strings and quads so I had a minute and collected my thoughts just kept saying I have come this far I am not just throwing the towel in. First 8 miles was really bad - cramp was not going away and best place to get cramp is right in the centre with everyone watching you and you cannot move till it has passed. Just had to keep plugging away and walked all the hills which helped the cramp issues. I knew this was going to happen as I had missed some big training sessions... the support from the A&T feed station was brilliant and gave me such a lift each time I came round. Then Graham caught me up and stayed with me throughout the run which was amazing as we chatted all the way round and made sure we kept on target to be honest not sure I could have done it without Graham. Best thing about it is to finish with your mate  

When I came through the finish it was very emotional for me it was just everything I have been through fat man to ironman.. I have worked so hard to get to where I am now. Still cannot believe I have do it

Also like to thank everyone who has supported me 
Graham and Scott - training mates 
Jon - for all his support throughout training and IM just being there and making me eat when needed
Lorraine and Hannah for the support throughout the day and to put up with all the training we have done
Lynn and A&T feed station crew massive thank you when things are shit it is good seeing all your friends
Massive thank you to Suzanne and Dave (aka chief mechanic) without Dave my bikes would not have been ready truly the best!

Lastly my family and my kids - they had to put up with weekends of long training and their understanding my goals 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Thunder Run 2017 by Jackie Price


When your facebook messenger is backed up with 10,000 messages about head-torches, tent arrangementsburgers, bop it, whether sun cream or wellies are required and a surge of Tim’s spreadsheets, then it can only mean one thing – Thunder Run ishere!


27 of us made the journey to Catton Park for Thunder Run 2017.  Linda had been ruled out of the first team due to a late injury but she came as drinking/support crew and luckily for her, she didn’t have to endure the mud bath that was this course. Stu MJ roped in his colleague Jenni, her twin sister Sarah and Sarah’s boyfriend Stu for the weekend


As always, the first to arrive and secure our pitch was Tim. He secured our usual spot on car park B and the Mass Debate Tent was erected in the centre of our pitch. Thankfully Rob, as always, provided every possible piece of camping equipment required and made sure we were all well catered for. 


Everyone pitched their tents around the main tent, or in Jon’s case he threw it up and cracked on with the beers! Our tent was pitched on an ants nest so quickly relocated. Phil SG arrived with a child sized tent that resembled a dogs kennel (and with Stuart MJ was convinced led to an underground lair), couldn’t withstand the rain and meant he had to sleep in his car.


In no time the tents were up and the beers were going down nicely. It was soon time to go and register and find out what colour t-shirts we had this year. There was a sizing issue with the woman’s t-shirts that meant they were at least 2 sizes too small and most certainly did not keep the girls guns under wraps very well. Jenni and Sarah were certainly not the only twins in our teams!


We made our usual trip to the A&T ASBO topless bus for an obligatory beer and for Rachel to do some retail therapy in the shops. We then made our way back to our pitch. The beers and fizz were flowing nicely with Tim’s special custom made TR playlist (featuring mainly Tim’s songs and David Guetta’s lesser known brother David Gutter) playing and it was all very civilised – but not for long. The heavens opened so it was an indoors BBQ, more beers and fizz and then it was cards against humanity time and from there it all quickly plummeted downhillThe lesson learned here is that you need to exercise caution when playing this game because you might innocently answer one of the questions and then have your winning answer as your nick name for the rest of the weekend! 


Some of the gang headed down to the start line entertainment whilst the rest of us just drank the tent dry. Party Dave was out in full force and the Ironmen amongst us showed their endurance skills went beyond swimming, biking and running. Everyone was getting a bit worse for wear and then we had a visit from a fellow runner who was most perturbed that we were still partying when he had to run in the morning “Are you all idiots?” bellowed through the tent and when Ian’s response was for him to “reveal yourself this led to a very amusing altercation that resulted in him going off threatening that he was complaining to security. The ASBO boys were left partying and then eventually crashed out about 2am with Dave taking all the chairs out and Ian falling into his tent onto Phil R’s head


There were some sore heads the next morning with Mike, Ian and Dave certainlypaying the price. I think Mike may still have a hangover now!


Chris S had ordered our custom made vests and t-shirts in A&T colours and these were very popular and looked great.


For some (Jon, Brendan, Pete and Tom) 24 hours of running was simply not enough so they headed out for the local park run first thing Saturday morning. 


Clare went missing and was located in the tent trapped in her wellies. Thankfully, Phil R was able to assist with removal, whilst we were just crying laughing on the floor.


Sue and Dave made sausage and bacon for everyone’s breakfast and then Dave’s beloved white board come out for team running orders, tactics and inspirational messages for Tim.


Next it was time for the annual log photo shoot in our new TR t-shirts. Rob (assisted by Ethan) was this years photographer and thanks to the woman’s t-shirts this looked more like an FHM cover than a group of runners. A few of us then did Dave’s annual walk over the course before heading for the start.


Timbo was all set for his epic challenge and Stuart MJ hit the start line for Team Hobo in his kilt, Phil SG got going for Team Hob Nob in his hot pants and Dave was first for Team Hobble in his signature lycra bad boys. This trio were quite a sight!


Tim (for the first time in his life) was last over the start line and then we all started to rack up the tough 10k laps of this course for the next 24 hours.


Tom F was fresh from ironman and did 2 super-fast laps for the Hobo’s before heading off for a week in Benidorm. Some of the first timers seemed totally shell shocked by the course (and Pete’s reaction to it comprised mainly of words beginning with f). Everyone soon got into it with Sarah having to make an emergency purchase of some new trail shoes that certainly didn’t look new for very long.


The sun was shining and we were able to gate crash a front row seat to cheer on Tim and all the runners, chill and catch up on the Love Island gossip and whether Jamie and Louise Redknapp were going to split because of Strictly or whether they could work it out. Clare started much deliberation as to what the shelter for a car on the drive is called and warned us never to mess with her mum!


At 3pm the rain started and then it did not stop until Sunday morning!!!! It was a 24 hour whirlwind of running, rain, mud, mud and more mud! Powered by pot noodles,Lucozade, Kay’s cakes, costco flap jacks and brews, we all did our laps as the rain and runners churned up the ground to an atrocious mess. “Unrunnable”, “ridiculous”“brutal” and “an absolute joke” were some of the descriptions that I heard whilst waiting in the run queue and these were certainly accurate! The night laps were like something from Blair Witch meets Marls Pitt, but still a firm favourite with everyone.The last few laps were bonkers but make this event what it is and everyone give it their best shot and seemed to embrace the slippery mud bath. The support on the course is just amazing. We had hoped to give Tim a new message of inspiration each lap but after 2 we gave up on this as the rain was just washing them away.


Chris W and Stu MJ finished their laps at 2am and then partied on and completely demolished a full bottle of tequila. 


Tim tackled the course solo and was an unstoppable force and showed the gruellerwho was boss. He clocked up an amazing 15 x 10k laps (94 miles!!) in 23 hours 28 minutes with the odd break for brews, pizzas, change of trainers and copious amounts of Vaseline. He came in at an amazing 5th place after a sprint finish that meant we missed him coming through the finish line.


Hobo, Hob Nob and Hobble all clocked an amazing 23 laps (With Sue, Claire M, Clare J, Pete, Jon and Dave doing 4 each).


Hobo (Stu MJ, Tom, Sue, Jackie, Jon, Chris W, Stu R and Pete) came 47th with a time of 22:59:39

Hobble (Dave, Claire M, Ian, Clare U, Neil, Rob, Eddie and Jenni) came 50th with a time of 23:46: 27

Hob Nob (Phil SG, Phil R, Rachel, Chris S, Mike, Brendan, Tracey and Sarah) came 51st with a time of 23:51:15


After all the drinking and running (past tents) was done it was time for showers, clearing up and the skipping of Jon’s tent and contents, before heading homeward bound.


Thunder Run 2017 was, as always, an amazing experience. We certainly know how to put the fun into thunder run and it is a miracle we have survived another year without getting banned. Same time next year?