Saturday 24 February 2018

Lostock 6 - Road Champs 2018

Tomorrow See's the start of the 2018 A&T Road Championships, with a 6 Mile loop around Lostock starting at the Barnstormers Public House.

For the new members amongst us club vests or t-shirt to be worn during the club races this year.

As road captain it is my role to place you into a league table once you have completed a club race.  League tables have normally been based on 10k times or equivalent.  I have moved runners up and down over the last 2 years depending on how i feel they are currently running.  I intend to do the same again this year.  If you feel you should be in a higher or lower league that i initially place you in then please contact me to discuss.  My aim is to get the leagues balanced and competitive as much as possible.  If your coming back to running from an injury lay off or  i consider you to be flying and smashing PB's  i will do my best to accommodate you in an appropriate league.

The will be no Park Run bonus points this year.

The Vets age group for male & female will be set at 45 from the first race as discussed at the AGM.  (please don't be offended if i ask you your age !)


CB - Road Cap'n

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