Wednesday 23 February 2022

 TCS London marathon 2022 update – by Mark Riches


I received an email today from Hugh Brasher TCS London Marathon Event Director, extract below


“The 2021 event was an extraordinary day. While the atmosphere on the day was fantastic, the reality is that a record number of places were not used and rolled over to 2022. This, together with the number of places allocated to 2022 from the cancelled 2020 event, means we must take steps to reduce the number of entries for the 2022 TCS London Marathon so the new maximum capacity of 50,000 finishers is not exceeded.

Accordingly, clubs that already have a runner rolled over from a previous London Marathon will not be offered any additional places. 

We realise this will be disappointing news, but we hope you understand why we have taken this step. We have had to make changes to other entry categories as well, so this action of reducing previous allocations is not limited to running clubs. 

In 2023 we hope to return to the previous system for allocating club places, but this does depend on the uptake of places in 2022.”

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