Friday 17 January 2020

Cross country - Heaton Park Reserve Fixture - 18/01/20 - SELCC

Saturday 18th January is the penultimate race in the A&T cross country champs.

It's a South East Lancs race, so use your number from the last Heaton Park race.

We are back at Heaton Park again this time as Tandle is not fit to run on. So please make your way to the tents at the top of the hill near the main hall and the cafe/farm, you cant miss us. There is a charge for parking so take some change and car share if possible.

Ladies 1:40 (8k)
Men 2:20 (10k)

If you havent done a SELCC race before, entry is available on the day for £6 at the registration desk. That will cover the last two of our cross country races.

Heaton is a typical cross country course, a fast down hill grass start, a flat section, then through some boggy woods, and a few short hills. All excellent conditioning for your legs for the upcoming Road and Fell race season. Trail shoes or spikes would be ok. Get the work in now and it will pay dividends for summer races 😊💪👍

As always I'm here if you have any questions, just send me a message


See you Saturday 🏃 💙

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