Thursday 20 June 2019

Wednesday 19th June Road Race 5 – Captain’s Race

So last night, we took over the efforts session and held the annual road Captain’s event.  Previous captain CB introduced this and the element of mystery so we had a bit of task on our hands.  We wanted this to be a fun event so decided to include an element of ‘pot luck’ with the aim of mixing up the usual predicted finish positions. 
We were really lucky with the weather and it was a beautiful evening as we all promptly met at LSV.  All entrants’ names were put into a hat (aka new balance shoe box) and pairs were drawn out.  We all then jogged over to the start of the race and decided who would go first and who would then take the baton as this was a tag type race.  Joan counted us down and the first half of the group set off on the reverse parkrun loop at Pennington Flash.  Batons were virtually exchanged and the second half of the pairs did the same loop whilst the initial runners enjoyed a rest and a chat to fellow club mates.  Once they were back, the first person then took on the flatter loop which went past the kid’s play area and then looped back round past the twitcher’s hut and back to the beginning and then the second person also did this.  Given it was a fun event, all participants really gave it their all and there were some really strong performances.  Huge congratulations to everyone who took part.
Along the way we were directed and cheered on by our enthusiastic volunteers Catherine, Clare, Stuart, Mike and Carmel.  Once we were all back and had caught our breath, we jogged back again to LSV for the awards ceremony.  The podium was placed on the car park and stood on top were Roger and Scott.  This was no real surprise as Roger is a new-comer who really is going from strength to strength and Scott has had a fantastic year so far.  Next were Mike Partington, strong from chasing those horses, and Simon Wright who is benefiting from regular attendance at training sessions.  Below them were Shaun Moran fresh from his 60th birthday party and Andrew Cass who is clearly recovering well from injury.  They were all rewarded with chocolate and wine for their sterling efforts.  There was something for everyone though and everyone went home with a new A&T pump bag with a few sugary treats inside.  There were also a few cakes and drinks for people to enjoy whilst having a catch-up before going home.  We really appreciate the support from the volunteers who gave up their Wednesday night for us to ensure everyone knew where they were going and to offer them encouragement.  Thank you also for all your lovely words and feedback.  It is much appreciated.
Next race is Caldervale 10 mile in July which, is another new one.  We then have a couple of classics in August with Leigh 10K and Leigh Harriers’ 5.  Looks like a few people are also going to take on the lolly ice series in Bolton in August just for fun.

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