Tuesday 26 March 2019

Road Race 2 – Race Report

Road Race 2 – Race Report
Sunday 24th May, was the Gin Pit Half Marathon which, was the second event of the road calendar for 2019.  This event is part of a full running weekend including the double marathon event which, is organised by Malcolm Collins.  There were lots of huge achievements in the marathon events above and beyond finishing an actual marathon or two such as Amanda being the winner for the girls on Saturday, Scott getting a massive marathon PB and Dave being second placed overall for the double event.  Unfortunately though, none of those things earn any points on the spreadsheetJ.
So back to Sunday’s half.  The weather appeared seemingly pleasantly, sunny when most of us assembled for the team photo.  (BTW this is something which is proving to be a challenge.  We can’t get everyone on a photo so fingers crossed that we are third time lucky next month.  The ones we do have are great though.)  Chris did the run briefing and then we all set off from the gin pit trails towards the busway.  It was still a spring-like day into Worsley Woods which, is a highlight of the run.  We were checked-off and watered as we picked-up the canal stretch and this is where the cold wind was against us for 5 or so miles and it almost felt like we was back in winter.  Although the mud wasn’t as bad as it has been at times, the most runnable bit was on the canal edge and I did personally fear that I may get blown in at times!  We all got to the Marsland Green check point however, where we disembarked the canal and went over the cobbly bridge which, I must admit felt fairly steep by that point in the race which, is just before 12 miles.  The last couple of hurdles then were not getting lost back to the club and getting up Gin Pit Hill before the home finish where we were awarded with a fudge and a beautiful medal for our efforts.
We had 21 runners in the race and some very strong performances for different reasons.  Phil got a huge PB, Louise and Chris did it as a brick run for their Iron Man training, Nick ran it there, Jackie ran it home and a few people hadn’t ran this kind of distance in a while.  Here are the times and points awarded:
Tim Campbell                                     1:22:18                  30
Mark Collins                                       1:29:11                  29
Andrew Cass                                      1:29:27                  28
Shaun Moran                                     1:32:21                  27
Brendan Loughrey                           1:32:49                  26
Phil Griffiths                                       1:33:56                  25
Alex Gallimore                                   1:39:40                  24
Nick Goaley                                        1:42:57                  23
Ian Joslin and Woody                      1:48:48                  22
Paul Basnett                                       1:50:05                  21
Chris Bennett                                     1:55:53                  20
David Bennett                                   2:30:38                  19

Jackie Price                                         1:35:54                  30
Stacey Mamoun                                1:49:59                  29
Catherine Worsley                           1:54:44                  28
Louise Simpson                                 1:55:52                  27
Nicola Scott                                        1:56:04                  26
Joanne Gibson                                   1:58:05                  25
Andrea Lorant                                   2:13:28                  24
Kerry Lomas                                       2:13:46                  23
Tract Loughrey                                  2:16:41                  22

After the event it was nice to have a drink and enjoy some more of Joan’s baking with club members.  This time there were some lovely, gooey cookies.  Thank you Joan.
Huge congratulations to everyone that took part and a big thank you to all volunteers and supporters.  Thank you again to Malcom for arranging this for us as it really is one of the highlights of the road season (well a bit of it is on road). 
See you next month for a day at the seaside.  April 28th is the Blackpool Half Marathon, part of Blackpool festival of running.  T shirts and medals available at that one.  Enter online here
Thank you,
Captains Joan-Ola

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