Monday 25 February 2019

Lostock 6 - Road Race Captains Report

Sunday 24th February was the day of the inaugural race of the road season and Lostock 6 was the chosen first event.  Conditions were extremely kind to us - this time last year the beast from the east was putting pay to lots of running plans however, today we were basking in 46 degrees in Bolton. 

We had a fantastic turnout of 15 males and 12 females.  A very big welcome to our new members Martin, Andy, Stacey, Karen and Andrea - it was lovely to have you join us and hope that you enjoyed it. A huge welcome back to those who have renewed your membership (or are about to) too.

It really isn’t all about who is the fastest, we are a mix of runners at different points in our journey. Some using the races as a training run and others working towards their current goals. That said, I must mention those who took our podium finishes today.  For the males:

Bronze Shaun 39.19
Silver Andrew 38.42
Gold Mark 36.39

For the females:

Bronze Amanda 49.39
Silver Stacey 44.08 (pending membership details)
Gold Jackie 41.39 (also winning category prize)

Special mentions to Mike and Amanda who incorporated the race into their 23 mile marathon training run and to Phil who got a big PB.  Three of our lovely girls, Catherine, Joanne and Joan, also did really well after doing a 21 mile run on Friday. 

Those of us who went back to Barnstormers had a catch-up after the race and were treated to some delicious cakes made by Joan (or make that three in Bacon Mon’s case).  I’ve heard that this baking might just be a regular feature in the road events this year.  

We are in the process of updating the spreadsheet but in the meantime I can clarify that there are 8 set fixtures in the calendar, parkrun is back (yay) and your fastest parkrun time will count from any parkrun event.  You will get one bonus point for a marathon (1 maximum).  You will need to do 6 events to qualify.  Please get the fixtures in your diary, if you haven’t done so already.  Next up is Gin Pit Half on the 24th March.  This is a cheap, local half covering a scenic route, for those who haven’t done it yet.  

Thank you,

Joan-ola, Nicola

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