Friday 13 July 2018

Ironman Volunteers - Final Call!

Ironman - Sunday 15th July

As per my previous post the cycle route has been cut from 112 miles to 95 miles so we expect the elites to arrive from 11am onwards.  The busy period is likely to be between 1pm and 7pm, with the last finishers around 10pm.

So far we have 30 volunteers, ideally we need around 50.

Some people have indicated they need to leave early to watch the football so we'd like as many 'none football fans' so stay as long as possible.

If you didn't already know .......

The clubs feed station for Ironman UK will be on Ravenswood Drive, Bolton (BL1 5AJ).
It's approx 400 mtrs down the road (towards Bolton) from last year's position (the Lane).

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