Tuesday 29 May 2018

Boring and Mundane

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend, though if you're anything like me then, by now, you're fretting about choosing which fell race you're going to run next weekend. But don't worry, it's all been organised for you by Run the Moors, with the next event at Edenfield, BL0 0JW, next Sunday 3rd June at 10:30, with an extortionate entry fee of £4, on the day only. It's a "BM" race, which is secret fell-runners code for Boring and Mundane, meaning it will be absolutely flat and straightforward, with absolutely no fun allowed and anyone seen having a good time or enjoying the fresh air and scenery will be summarily disqualified. 

More info here at the link and any questions please give me a shout.



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