Thursday 5 April 2018

Captain's Mystery Race - (Starting list)

So far I've got the following names registered for my race on the 16th April.  6.30pm Start. £3entry fee.

Scott Priestley
Gary Firth
Phil Lomas
Mike Carter
Jon Hall
Cath Worthington
Pete Worthington
Clare Unsworth
Vanessa Thomson
Joan Cooke
Phil Griffiths
Kerry Lomas
Kieran Lomas
Dave Sloan
Amanda Partington
Carmel Unsworth
Tim Campbell
Kay Campbell
Catherine Brides
Catherine Worsley
Joanne Gibson
Paul Basnett
Rachel Haslam
Gareth Jones
Stu Livesey
Louise Simpson

Do I have any more members who wish to enter ?   If so please let me know ASAP



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