Thursday 13 July 2017

Mystery Race - Report

On a glorious Wednesday evening you all turned out to see what my Mystery Race was all about.   39 of you showed up in your blue tops which for me was a great sight.  

I gave my race briefing describing this a PACE RACE.   I asked you the members to predict your time to complete the course that measured 3.9 miles long.   The shock and horror of your faces when I asked you to run without watches was hilarious.  The route given was from Ginpit down the trail path - turn right at the bottom and then head on the busway to Holden Road where Chris Scholes would be waiting to greet you with a Dingbat card and then back again.   The idea of the Dingbat (catchphrase) was to give you a chance to earn a 10 second grace on your predicted time.  Only 5 of you managed to solve the puzzle given.  (I don't give bonus points away easily)

On completion of the course you were greeted with some nice goodies whilst trying to give your answers to Jane and Emma.  Myself , Rachel and Alex tried desperately  hard to workout the time differences between your results 

I wanted this event to everyone a chance of winning rather than fastest person winning, the results didn't let me down.   

Special Mention must go to Olutayo Adebowale who was only 3 seconds out on her prediction yet the overall winner who was 5 seconds out but got the bonus right was Craig Bradbury.   Well done to you both.

Thanks to all those who helped me to put this event on   Louise,Rachel, Alex, Emma, Jane, Jo, Chris and Gabby

Hope you all enjoyed it.  

Captain CB

Full results have been processed and are attached:-(if the link works-if not i'll upload to website later)

I will update league tables this week and upload to the website.   If you have any queries please let me know. 

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