Monday, 27 February 2017

A&T X-country – by Mark Riches

The last race in this year’s cross-country champs is this Saturday (4th March) at Leigh Sports Village WN7 4JY

Latest Club Champs standings will be available on the website before the final race

This is a Mid Lancs race so wear the number you wore at Chorley, Bamber Bridge, Towneley Park or Rossall School. If you didn’t run at the previous Mid Lancs races, please see Neil on Saturday as he has the numbers. 

If you haven’t been pre-entered, Neil can arrange registration on the day, which is free

Start times – ladies 2:00 pm (6K) & men 2:30 pm (10K

Further details on the website

If you need any clarification before Saturday, my contact details are below:

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Lostock 6 - Captain's BLOG

Well then !  the first new race in the A&T road championships since 2012 and what a good race it turned out to be.  Personally gutted not to race but i felt it was very important to attend and shout and cheer from the car around the course.  A fantastic turnout with 23 blue vest.   The course was very hilly in parts but in saying that quite a few members would of smashed, and i mean smashed PB's if it was a 10k race.  There were some fantastic performances in my opinion and standing out was Mark Collins, Joan Cooke and Catherine Brides.  It was great to welcome Stuart Livesey to the fold in the road season along with Joan Cooke, Kerry Lomas, Mark Collins & Gary Stevens making their first appearances this season.  

This time i'm starting with the ladies who only went and Won their team event with Josie coming home first followed by Louise and then Vanessa - Well done you 3 you did the club proud.  

For the men Simon Ford led from the front and had a great rum followed by the improving Mark Collins and then Gary Stevens after a few days on the Benidorm Booze wagon.  There was also a great sprint finish with Roberst / Bushrod & Hamilton-  Super effort you 3 and it was all taken in great competitive spirit.

Thank you to Catherine Brides who stayed behind for the presentation and collected the prizes for the ladies and i'm led to believe we have a super baker amongst us and made the team some lovely lemon drizzle cake - Thanks Kay Campbell ,  sorry we couldn't stay to sample it for but we had kids to pick up, maybe you could try and bring some more next week !!! pse pse

I'm super proud to be road captain for this brilliant bunch of people and your efforts and support are much appreciated.

The A&T road results will be updated in the next few days

Full results can be found here :-

Apologies for this but the next club race is next sunday at Burden for the Trotters 5  (just the way its - sorry)    I know its hard but your support would be much appreciated and we do have a break after this race.


Cap'n CB

Park Run Update

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that it is A & T take-over Pennington Flash parkrun day next Saturday 4th March.  If you are volunteering, please aim to meet near the start at 8.30 – 8.40 latest.  If you are not volunteering please come along, run/spectate and join us in the cabin for a coffee afterwards.  Roles have been agreed as follows:

Run Director
Chris Bennett 
Clare Unsworth
Catherine Worsley
Paul Roberts 
Emma Owen
Finish tokens   
Louise Simpson
Tail runner 
James Love
Mike Carter
Back up timer 
Carmel Unsworth
Catherine Brides
Stuart Livesey
Amelie Livesey
Lynn Boylin

Pacers with suggested times (feel free to swap and change):
Tim Campbell
21 min
Mark Riches
22 mins
David Sloan
23 mins
Kieran Lomas
24 mins
Paul Basnett
26 mins
Claire Matchwick
28 mins
Nicola Scott
30 mins
Scott Priestley
32 mins
Jonathan Hall
34 mins

Thanks very much,


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Captains Log - Central Lancs 5k

Bolton Central Lancs 5k

Wowzers - 1st Race of the 2017 road calendar and what a fantastic turnout, 3 Blue vests in total. Pity the weather wasn't kind to us but the amazing support crew around the course was fantastic and they all helped to cheer us home.  

Support crew :- Kerry, Joan, Dave, Suzanne & Dave + neighbour and Shaun.  (apologies if missed anyone)

The race started prompt at 10am and it was an added bonus to have chip timing and a track start/finish for a CLGP race.

1st Home for the men was Simon FORD followed very closely by Neil HUGHES and 3rd Gareth Jones.

1st home for the ladies was Josie Maley followed again closely by Jackie Price and 3rd was Suzanne Fletcher.

We also welcomed some new membersto A&T and first timers to the CLGP and they all did brilliantly.
Paul Roberts, Dave Huddleston, Carmel Unsworth, Catherine Brides and David Bennett (aka DAD)

Full results here.   

Club tables and charts to be update and published soon

We don't have long to the next race.   7 days in total.    Lostock 6 miler next sunday.  I wonder if we can beat 30 runners ????

Thanks for your efforts today team, much appreciated.

Cap'n CB

Monday, 13 February 2017

Windy Hill Fell Race (BM)

Well, what a fantastic race and experience!  And with 1 understandable exception that we’ll come to, everyone had a great time, including the A&T Fell Champs debutants in Anthony Hart, Carl Murray and Phil Spencer-Gray. 
Things started inauspiciously with 50 mph winds and 10cm of snow being forecast and as we drove over we wondered, if the race might be cancelled, especially when the car started rocking in the wind as we neared our motorway turnoff.  Safety is always at the forefront of the organisers’ minds, but it still takes a lot to cancel a fell race and it was clear that they had done a route inspection before the start and, whilst tricky in places, it would be runnable.  Full kit requirements were also in force, with kit inspections mandatory for all.  Luckily I had plenty of whistles to hand out for those of the 7 plucky A&T runners who needed one. It would have been a bit annoying to travel up to Littleborough and then find that you couldn’t run for the lack of a whistle.  And I have more whistles than I can sensibly blow!
We had a latish start time of 11:30 and the hope was that the weather would have calmed down a little bit by then. However, just before the start of the race the snow started falling again, so waterproofs were donned.  The race started and finished from Littleborough RUFC, and after a standard pre-race briefing whilst standing in a couple of inches of mud at the edge of the rugby pitch, we were off!  It’s well known that the weather up on the tops can be quite different from that down below, so the driving snow and near minus temperatures at the start of the Windy Hill fell race clearly meant that sub-tropical temperatures should be expected on the fells.  Unfortunately I must have misunderstood how that works, since the wind speed increased and the snow started to mix with hail the higher I got.  On the plus side the long drag up the 4 miles of hills meant that I soon warmed up nicely and I was forced to take off my waterproof jacket within the first mile. 
Little did I know that some drama was unfolding behind me, as Kerry took the term “fell” racing rather too literally, tripping over within about a mile of the start and having to retire hurt with a badly scrawped leg.  Hope you’re back running soon Kerry.  But she wasn’t the only one who fell over during that race, I fell over about 5 times, including 1 occasion where I was leapfrogged from behind as I crumpled unexpectedly into a foot of mud under the snow crust.  Since I also landed squarely on a frozen hump of ground I now have some unfortunate bruising in the nether regions that I can’t really share on social media without being arrested.  Anthony was in ordinary running shoes, so gawd knows how he managed, it must have been an absolute nightmare in the snow.
Having climbed Windy Hill, which this year definitely seemed a lot longer and higher than it did previously, there’s a sharp right onto the Roman road, which is a narrow and twisty set of rock slabs set into the ground as a path across the moors.  I thought these might be icy, but the snow completely blanketed everything, reducing slippiness, but making it difficult to make out the trail, which wasn’t helped by some poor visibility and the fact that the guy in front of me had by now disappeared into the clag.  I spent the next 20 minutes zig-zagging across trying to find footprints and keep to the path, whilst my left ear slowly turned into a block of ice.  Strangely, and with a sense of déjà vu, all I could think about was woozles and was hoping that I wouldn’t discover that I was going in circles.  Luckily the woozles didn’t appear and after the Roman road section there was a trip over a high, blowy and icy motorway bridge, then the “downhill” bit to the end, which turns out only to be downhill on average, with a lot of undulations and an occasionally tricky mudbath of a path, then back under the motorway bridge to the final straight over a stile and across the rugby pitches.
There was some confusion with results after the end, since although chip-timed, the chips were subjected to lower temperatures than they are designed for (-4C was recorded), so a couple of results are race time rather than chip time.  Well done to everyone who took part, A&T results are as below and the fell champs are updated on the A&T website:
Tim Campbell 01:12:01
Simon Ford 012:16:38
Carl Murrary 01:26:47
Keiran Lomas 01:29:37
Philip Spencer-Gray 01:30:00
Anthony Hart 01:33:50

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Take Over ParkRun Day Update

Thank you everyone for your support with the A&T take-over parkrun day (4th March).  All non-running volunteer roles were snapped-up super quick which, means that the rest of us will be part of a pacing team. Please see below:

RD   Chris Bennett  A384119
Finish tokens    Louise Simpson A498377
Marshal   Clare Unsworth A250469
Marshal   Catherine Worsley A1834351
Marshal  Paul Roberts  A2054346
Marshal Emma Owen A2774677
Timer  Mike Carter A296954
Back up timer  Carmel Unsworth A235144
Scanner  Catherine Brides A1240680
Scanner   Stuart Livesey A1785080
Scanner  Amelie Livesey A2476236
Scanner  Lynn Boylin A542664
Tail runner  James Love A216212
Pacers with suggested times:

Tim Campbell A361985 21 min
Mark riches A417521  22 mins
David Sloan A376553  23 mins
Kieran Lomas A1154417  24 mins
Paul Basnett A71740  26 mins
Claire Matchwick A990126  28 mins
Nicola scott A492073  30 mins
Scott Priestley A584564  32 mins
Jonathan Hall A448835  34 mins

Please let me know if there are any issues with any of this or if you can be a pacer.  Happy to change the suggested times. Need to also think how we make some numbers to show pacing minutes.

Thanks everyone,


Monday, 6 February 2017

A&T X-country – by Mark Riches


The next race in this year’s cross-country champs is this Saturday (11th) at Rossall School, Cleveleys FY7 8JW


DIRECTIONS: Leave the M55 at Junction 3 and take the A585 to Fleetwood.  Continue for nearly 10 miles and turn left onto the B5409 Rossall Lane.  The main gate into Rossall School is opposite where Rossall Lane meets Broadway but don't use this entrance.  Turn left and enter the School by the southern gate.  Be careful turning as this is a busy road.


Parking is straight ahead from the gate.  Follow marshals' instructions.


This is a Mid Lancs race so wear the number you wore at Chorley, Bamber Bridge or Towneley Park. If you didn’t run at the previous Mid Lancs races, please see Neil on Saturday as he has the numbers. 


If you haven’t been pre-entered, Neil can arrange registration on the day, which is free


Start times – ladies 2:00 pm (6K) & men 2:30 pm (10K)

Further details on the website


If you need any clarification before Saturday, my contact details are below: (m) 07508 213207


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Club Rankings

Just a quick note to let you all know that I've uploaded the latest club rankings onto the website. I've kept my eyes skinned, but no doubt will have missed something or made an error, so just please let me know if that's the case. And I will only look at the most obvious local races, so if you've done a marathon in the Serengeti, or a Parkrun in deepest Yorkshire, then I probably won't pick it up!  Also let me know if any of your results is a PB.
Note that I don't plan to blog every time I do future updates, but will try to keep the website updated as often as I can.  Please be patient if I don't get your PB uploaded straight away though :-)  
Finally, just a word to say that I've added some new club records for Ultra, so well done to Simon Ford, Malcolm Collins and Dave Sloan who are new record holders! However, if you've done an Ultra that we didn't remember and think you should be a record holder then let me know along with a link to the results.
Thanks, Tim