Monday, 29 September 2014

Latest Road Champs and Swinton 10

Hi Everyone

Just to let everyone know the Swinton 10 results are on the Web Site

Also the latest Road Club Champs are updated as will on the Web site, thanks to Barbs

Thanks JB

Monday, 22 September 2014

Just to let everyone know, Road Champs and Club Rankings are all updated on the web site



Blackleach 5 mile race report by Capt. Wiggins

The Sunday morning nip in the air did not deter the 21 A&T runners attending the 9th and penultimate race of the A&T road race season.

With the sun just starting to slowly warm the field of hasty runners with some looking for their final points the blue vests finally congregated at this diamond in the rough location that many local runners said they didnt even know existed, and others whose sat navs took them on a scenic tour tricking them into believing it was further afield! Runners gathered on the trails hoping for a downhill start but then had to turn around and those of us at the back realised we were now at the front so scurried to a safer starting position. Following the race brief all 188 runners headed off round the 2 loops of the blackleach country park (yes it did say one loop on the advertised info but never mind)with the majority of the route over the trails with some sneaky little gymkhana jumps thrown in there (hope no one tripped!) but it was nice and dry underfoot and some great times were recorded.

Tim Campbell was the first man back, in 29:26 with Mark Riches following in 30:41, Shaun Moran 3rd man in, in 30:55 with Simon Ford 31:39, Neil Hughes 31:42 and Gary Stevens crossing the finish in 32:00. Well done gents.!
First home for the ladies and 2nd female overall was Josie Maley speeding in, in 32:48. Well done!

Ian Newcombe was next to finish in 33:11, with Chris Scholes in 34:02 and Chris Bennett in 34:37.
With James Bentall completing in 35:21, followed by our 2nd lady home, Suzanne Gregory in 35:44, Gary Baines finishing in 35:57 with Carole Baines crossing in 37:19. Paul back on track Basnett did 39:43 well done!
Ian Bushrod had a blinder and earned himself our runner of the day prize finished in 40:19 knocking almost 2 minutes off his 5 mile distance (comparing all 3 club champs races) well deserved Ian. Louise Simpson was hot on Ian's heels in 40:20. With Michael Geoghegan striding home in 40:42, next to finish was Jane Eccleston and still motoring, ran home in 42:03 with Barb in at 43:18, Vanessa Thomson followed in 44:15 and finally bringing in the rear Emma Higgins in 44:57.
A material bag and chocolates were on hand for all finishers, and a fab prize of £30 Debenhams vouchers for our 2nd lady Josie! A huge well done all runners.

The Final race of the CLGP is Swinton 10 on Sunday 28th let's hope we have plenty blue vests out for the grand finale!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Club Meeting Sunday 28th September - AGENDA

Start time 20:00

Agenda item




Road Section update


Tri Section update


Fell Section update


X-country 2014-15 season


Presentation night; Saturday 29 November (is someone organising it & are members aware of the date)


GP 5


Membership update & new members


Tuesday / Thursday training


GP double marathon (21 & 22 March 2015)




Next meeting Sunday 25/01/15 – AGM


Welcome pack for new members

Committee only  

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A&T Club meeting Sunday 28 September – reminder

A&T Club meeting Sunday 28 September reminder
Meeting starts at 8pm with Committee only pre-meeting at 7:30 pm
Please come along and support your Club

X-country 2014-15 (options) – by Mark Riches

X-country 2014-15 (options) by Mark Riches
My earlier post refers HERE
I have now received confirmation of 3 SEL races as below
Saturday 17 January 2015 LSV
Saturday 31 January 2015 Heaton Park
Saturday 28 February 2015 Boggart Hole
In order to keep all the races local, I can replace the last 2 Mid Lancs races (Blackpool & Lancaster) with these SEL races & make the Champs best 7 from 10 but…
We have to pay £5 per runner (for all 3 races) no later than 30 November so I will names and money before then
We can discuss further at the meeting on Sunday 28 September but if you feel strongly either way, please email me

Wednesday 17th September - Session Times

4 x 1400mtrs efforts on Gin Pit loop,  in no particular order :

Shaun    5.21   5.12   5.11   5.11
Gary S    5.21   5.12   5.13   5.13
Clare      7.14   7.25   7.27   7.45
Rachel   6.50   7.10   7.10   7.15
Carole   6.14   6.13   6.21   6.23
Mark L   No watch ... similar times to Carole???
Mark R   5.21   5.12   5.06   5.07
James     5.47   5.50   5.48   5.54
Suzanne  6.06   6.02   6.07   5.58
Jon         Total 23.39
Simon      5.21   5.12   5.11   5.11
Brendan  5.31   5.51   5.39   5.45
Scholesy   5.33   5.31   5.38   5.42
Ian            5.21   5.16   5.18   5.18

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A&T Parkrunners update!

A&T Parkrunners update

More great running over the past 2 weeks at the local parkruns. Its getting close to the end of the season now so if you want to get a park run in to improve your time start planning this in.  I'll get a definitive cut off at the next meeting as I'll need to know when the final results have to be submitted for trophies etc.

6th September - Penny Flash
Baconmon - 23.49
The Baron - 25.20
6th September - Worsley Woods
Soozy G - 21.36 (exactly the same time as her January Parkrun but recovering from injury so a great run, well done, you are back!!)

13th September - Penny Flash
Lou Simpson - 24.29
The Baron - 25.24
Mike Geoggie-oggie-oggie - 25.37
Clare - 28.20 (New PB!!)

13th September - Warrington
Jonny Hyde - 18.01 (New PB - knocking 55 seconds off his previous parkrun PB taking Jonny to 2nd place in the parkrun table!)
Kazzer Mozzer - 27.20 (New PB!!)

Welsh Ironman by Jon Shepherd-Smyth

I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the support over the last few months. The text messages and phone calls have not stopped and it means so much.
Completing Ironman is the greatest achievement of my life and I can't wait to do it again next year in Tenby, Wales. The support was out of this world as thousands and thousands of people from all over the world lined the streets to support the athletes. It was just breathtaking, kids high fiving, fire stations and police crews with their doors open blasting music at 5am before the swim. I was proper shitting it, 2200 people all about to swim for one buoy in the sea.
The Welsh National anthem was played at 6.55am before the gun went off to signal the start of a 2.4 mile swim. It was a mass start from North Beach in Tenby where everyone made their way into the sea and start a long but enjoyable day. The waves were shocking and many of the athletes kept swimming off course because sighting was practically impossible due to the waves coming at us every 2-3 seconds. In addition to this, it was absolute carnage with people swimming over each other trying to hit the first buoy. After the first lap things settled down in terms of athletes battering each other but the waves got worse and I kept swallowing sea water so it's safe to say that when the swim was finished I was a very happy man. About 5-6 people apparently turned round before getting into the sea and decided they were not going to take part? The most expensive beach standing experience ever eh. Out in one peace (phew) I managed 1 hour 30 minutes on the swim admittedly not my strongest discipline.
I was relieved to jump on the bike after a 1 kilometer run from the beach to transition. I felt a bit pissed about the 1km run before the race but it actually warmed my legs up ready for the bike leg. The Wales Ironman bike course is renowned for being extremely hilly and it certainly was just that. For 112 miles there wasn't a single mile of flat road, which would allow you to settle into a comfortable pace. It was simply up or down all the way and the crowds were unbelievable. There is three hills in particular on the bike course the were 16% plus and we had to do them twice, with one big loop of 69 ish miles and then a second 42 mile loop, which was the hilliest part of the first loop. On the major hills there was only enough room for bikes to go single file and it was honestly like being in the tour or the Olympics where they are doing big climbs. The training in the Lakes, which my training partner insisted on us doing having done Wales before certainly paid off and coming off the bike I felt surprisingly fresh. I managed 6 hours 16 minutes on the bike, which I was pleased with. Now for the last bit of the race - the marathon.
I started the 26.2 mile run in good spirits as I felt fresh but felt mindful that the proper pain was yet to set in so I took it easy aiming to build as I ticked off the miles. The run was four 6.5 mile loops starting in Tenby town Centre heading out of town, which consisted of 3 and a quarter miles of incline before the same distance of decline back into town where the streets were again lined with thousands of people. Each time you completed a loop you got different color bands, which indicated what lap you were on. Safe to say that when I saw people with more bands than me I wanted to grab their bands off them. On the second lap the inevitable pain set in and I started to struggle, badly. Everything hurt and people all around, regardless off what bands they had on were struggling with the never ending climb out of the town Centre. I decided it was time to do a bit of walking because I was actually walking up the hill faster than I could run up it and slowly but surely with a walk to run strategy I got myself onto the final lap of the run where I would collect the fourth and final pink band. One problem was that I had to climb that bastard hill again for the fourth and final time but I was on the home straight and I saw my training partner who bollocked me for walking so I ran for the entire last lap. When back in the town the crowds saw that pink band, which meant one thing, in a few minutes I can call myself an Ironman. Marathon 4 hours 12 minutes.
Total time: 12:18:00, 38th in age group and 319/2200 athletes. Made up.
To those who have done Ironman, I can't recommend this race enough it was amazing. Definitely returning next year, without doubt.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Gin Pit 5 - Helper Needed

Hi All

I need to ask for helpers on the 12th Oct for our Gin Pit 5 Race - to volunteer please go to the club web site and fill in the volunteer form

Volunteers still required is

9x Marshals
3x Time Keepers
3x Car Park
1x Registration
2x Kitchen Serving
1x Water Station
1x Cyclist lead runners
1x Person to Hand out medals
1x Set up course

So far I have -

Craig Bradbury - Lead Marshal
Chris Scoles - Marshal
Terry Gardner and Gary Stevens - Registration
Gary Baines - Car Park
Me and Jon Hall - Time Keepers
Me and Jon Hall - Set up of the Course

Thanks James


Monday, 8 September 2014

Race 9 - Blackleach 5 mile trail race 14th September

Race 9 Club Champs - Blackleach 5 mil trail race Sunday 14th September

The penultimate race of our club champs is this coming Sunday at Blackleach country park. The race is on the paths within the park so road shoes should be ok but as its a new one for us you may want to get there early to recce the route and bring your trail shoes just in case. Its 1 lap of the park. Runners will receive a goody bag too - woop woop!! 

Start time: 10.00am
Address: Blackleach country park, Bolton Road, Swinton,M28 3TD

Good luck to everyone, hope to see as many as possible there.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

City of Salford 10k - by Gary Stevens

Cold and mist greeted us, as we drove into Salford to compete in the 'City of Salford 10k'.  The course is pretty flat and fast, with a few u tuns which finds that lactic, and a cruel finish, where you virtually pass the finish line at 9k.
2500 athletes entered the event.

All the A&T'ers taking part had great runs, with a number of Pb's and Sb's.


Gary Stevens 49th - 37.58 - best time for 2 years.
Neil Hodgson 226th - 43.15 - PB i believe. Neil didn't think his legs could go that fast!
Mark Lysycia 444th - 46.39 - Rare performance and now looking forward to x-country.  Good effort Mark.
Paul Basnett 587th - 49.02 - 1st 10k for 2 1/2 years.  Great time for Paul, shows what he can do without 8 pints around Leigh the night before!
Chris Whittaker 708th - 50.33 - Chris wanted a sub 50 but stopped for a '30 second wee', i didn't time him but his garmin told me everything!

7th lady - Josie Maley 40.42 - Not a PB but still ran fantastically
26th lady (4th F45) Linda Whittaker - 45.37 - Another solid performance
115th lady - Jane Eccleston - 51.10 - Run of the day (again) who is 'on fire' at the moment knocking nearly 3 mins off her PB
220th lady - Emma Higgins - 55.00 - Happy with her efforts and promises to 'stop talking' now at efforts to try and improve!

Great picture of Ron Hill with the two legends, Jane Eccleson and Emma Higgins.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Race Report - Pennington 5 miler by Captain Wiggins

Pennington 5 miler - Race 8

22 blue vests turned out to a sunny LSV for the 8th race of the club champs of 2014. Some of our wounded soldiers were out gritting teeth through the pain of injury for the team, well actually for the points, James & Barb to name but two. Chris Bennett also came to race straight affter working a night shift, wouldnt take advice to rest from Scholesy who was clearly looking out for his welfare and not at all thinking about the results table as we approach the end of the season!

The race started promptly with a loop of the LSV track then out through the flash and onto the canal path. The course was well marshalled and as ever well supported with 170 runners in total blazing the trails.
First back for the blues was Tim Campbell in 29.31 following by winner of the V55M category, our very own Shaun Moran in 30.19, well done Shaun! In third place was another winner, this time V50M Mark Riches in 30.28, well done again.

Next over the line was Simon in 31.32, Neil 32.05 followed by Gary Stevens in 32.14 Ian Newcombe finished in 33.07 and Scholesy in 34.28 holding off a tired Chris Bennett who finished in 35.11 and then proceeded to fall asleep, ah bless!

Garry Baines was the next A&T'er in at 35.28 followed by hop-a-long Bentnall 36.08. First A&T lady was a recovering Soozy G finishing in 36.48 (thought you were gonna take it easy?). Carol was next in at 37.04 then Ian Hamilton 39.35 who got his (friendly) revenge on Lou Simpson 39.56, getting her back for beating him at Parkrun the day before!
Steady as a rock Claire Matchwick finished in 40.20, Paul Basnett 40.55 and Ian Bushrod 41.23 - well done guys! Next was Jane Eccleston who ran a great personal race and finished in 43.25, a significant improvement on previous trail runs and so wins Capt. Wiggins runner of the day prize! Well done Jane.

Barb hobbled home in 45.16 followed by Emma in 45.50 and Joan hot on her heels 45.51 - well done girls!

 Big thanks to Leigh Harriers for a great course, great prizes and great race atmosphere. Lets hope we can give runners a similar experience at our GP5 event, we know
James is working hard on the planning!

Next race is Blackleach 5 miler on 14th September - hope to see you all there!

Captn. Wiggins xx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

X-Country 2014-2015

2014/15 x-country dates & venues – by Mark Riches
Summer is almost over & the dark nights are just around the corner but the good news is that it’s almost time to spend most Saturdays getting covered in mud!
I have only included ‘local’ Mid Lancs races this year so Barrow is out! Incidentally Blackpool & Lancaster are less than 1 hour away
Date League Venue
11/10/14 Red Rose LSV
25/10/14 Mid Lancs Wilson playing fields, Hyndburn
08/11/14 Red Rose Chorley
22/11/14 Red Rose Leverhulme Park, Bolton
29/11/14 Mid Lancs Sefton Park, Liverpool
06/12/14 Red Rose Rossendale
10/01/15 Mid Lancs Towneley Park, Burnley
14/02/15 Mid Lancs Lawsons ground, Blackpool
07/03/15 Mid Lancs Rylands Park, Lancaster
Further details can be found in the x-country section of the A&T website
If you raced on the country last year I will provisionally enter you again this year. If not, & you want to race in either the Red Rose or Mid Lancs leagues, please send me an email with your name & date of birth as soon as possible

Club Meeting - change of date

The club meeting will now be on Sunday 28th September NOT Sunday 5th October, that was originally advertised.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hades Hill Fell Fell Race

What you doing tomorrow night? Cancel it! The last fell race of the season is on us and it's a brilliant race! 
If you have not done one before it would be a good race to make a start, not too difficult and only a slight chance of getting lost?
So for the best work out you can have on two legs get yourself there!
Unfortunately I can't make it because of work commitments but lets have a good turn out!
Details below-

  • Date & time: Thu 4th Sep 2014 at 18:45
  • Country: England - Not FRA
  • Region: South/West Pennines
  • Category: BS
  • Distance: 8km / 5m
  • Climb: 360m / 1181ft
  • Venue: Race HQ Red Lion P.H., The Square, Whitworth, OL12 8PY
  • Grid ref: SD885177
  • Skills & experience: PM
  • Minimum age: 16
See you on the fells

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Awards Night 2014

Just a reminder that our annual awards night is on Saturday 29th November at the Gin Pit.

More details nearer the time.

Put it in your diary!

Monday, 1 September 2014

A&T Parkrunners update!

Well done to all our parkrunners who were out and about during August. As it was holiday season there were quite a few gaps in the results...Worsley Woods results produced just 1 result for John Morton with a PB of 22.24, not seen John for ages but he's still a member so results are added to the table - congratulations John!

Warrington Park running regular Karen Morris and her Ironman took his new tattoo out for a couple of Parkuns in August. Jonny produced a respectable 18.58 for his 1st Parkrun of 2014 on 23.8.14 and then followed that up the week after with a new PB of 18.56 - great running Mr Hyde.  Well done to Karen running 28.27 and 27.41 respectively.

As ever, the flashers were out in force over the summer with some great runs recorded for August including a new PB for Jackie Price of 21.27, taking her to the top of the Parkrun table for the ladies - well done Jackie!!

Here's the rest...

Tim - 18.35
Chris B - 22.19
Louise S - 24.12
Ian H - 24.37
Paul B - 27.02

Paul B - 24.03
Ian H - 24.25

Mark R - 18.44
Ian H - 23.55
Paul B - 25.10

Neil H - 19.33
Chris B - 21.16
Jackie P - 21.27
Ian H - 23.50
Paul B - 24.31

Great running everyone!!