Thursday, 11 May 2017

Haigh Hall 4 Results- CLGP Race

13 members turned out for this race on a glorious Wednesday night.   This year the organisers chose another new route making it the 3rd different route in 4 years.  Apparently we ran the old Relay course if that means anything,  but in my words it was 2 mile steep down hill and then 2 miles back up.

This race was not in the club championships but I was offering a bonus point to all those that attended in keeping with our obligation to the CLGP.

Thanks to Kerry Lomas and Jo Richies for your support on the course.

Here is a link to the result -  however i think there is an error with Mark Richies result as he was a lot further up the field than what is shown - but not sure whereabouts he was apart from infant of me !

The next road race will be the Horwich 5 on the new date of 21st June.   See you all there.


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