Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Cake Race 

The next club race is on the fells next Saturday 29th April and is The Cake Race at Diggle.  I did this last year, it’s a lovely run and I would recommend it, but would class it more as a tough trail race than a fell race, the biggest descent/ascent being 2 (long, long) flights of steps.  At 9.9 miles don’t take it lightly, but if you are confident of a half marathon, then you’ll be okay.

The race starts at 11am and entry is either £5 on the day, or free with a homemade cake (which brings the added excitement of a cake judging competition and prizes after the race!).  ALL my brownies had gone last year, with a stack of the winning entry still left over . . . but I’m not bitter about that (...fix!)  

Parking is tight near the start/finish, so allow time for parking a short trot away, but there’s a village hall type place that you can leave stuff in (at your risk) if you wanted to take a bag or a jumper.  Note that if the weather is poor then they may expect you to have full body cover, i.e. waterproof top and trousers, although last year rain/hail was forecast and they only wanted the top.  They do also state a requirement to carry map (print off website), compass, whistle and emergency food (e.g. a gel), so make sure that you have these, plus something to carry them in.  I have a couple of spare whistles and a spare compass if anyone needs one, plus some other spare kit. In fact, I have at least 1 spare of everything, so IM me if you need anything, but it’ll be in the boot of the car anyway.  There’s a good description of the course and a copy of the route map that you can print off on the race website, which is at the URL below.  However the race was well-attended and well-marked last year, so navigation wasn’t a problem. 

Give me a shout if you have any questions, hope you enjoy the race! 

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