Monday, 24 April 2017

Race Report – Boundary Park Tri – 23/04/17

Boundary Park Tri – Standard Distance – 1k Swim, 33.5m Bike, 10k Run

Bike was roughly 10 mile over standard distance as well

Brilliant event, small low key (100 Limit) and really good for beginners to experience their first open water swim

4 A&Ters (Mat T, James B, Graham T and Neil H) took part and 1 A&T support crew (Chris S) also both Captains at this tri as well.

We all turned up around 7:30 am, would have been earlier for Graham and I, but we put the wrong postcode in and was 20 miles in the other direction! Slight panic on! So we all stood around chatting for a bit, tested the water (freezing) I think we may of waited a bit too long because when racking bikes hardly no room (smallest transition area ever) and all the racks were wobbling with the weight of bikes.

Swim route was 2 loops of the lake. Water temp was 13, I am not sure about this personally I think they lied seemed more like 11. We all got in and tried to acclimatize to temp, ended up bobbing up and down for 10mins waiting for the horn. It was freezing once your head was in, it took around 150m before you could get into some proper rhythm. First open water swim race for me and yes it is mental elbows in face. Even swimmers just swimming over you. First out the water was Mat then I was out followed by Neil and then Graham. Just want to add Graham had amazing swim as this was his first tri and he was so nervous. Graham only started to swim 4 months ago!

Transition from swim to bike was a little slow, myself and Neil taking our time having a chat lol. Neil evening saying “why are we taking this long got to be the slowest ever” Graham had brain freeze and struggled to work out what was going on (Just looking at his bike) hahaha.

Bike route was 2 loops quite flat with a few small hills, this race was also drafting allowed which was very new to me. So no TT Bikes, Road bikes only. Marshalls out on the route were really good shouting you on and watching for traffic on turns. So first in was Mat followed by Neil then myself and then graham. Transition was faster this time!

Run route was 2 loops which was fairly flat but had a couple of small uphill drags. At this point of the day it was getting hot as it was lovely day. Mat was first in followed by Neil then myself and then Graham. For me this was the first time, I have not been able to feel my legs waist down for the first 4 miles. A very odd feeling.

Any way once i crossed the finish line, I got back into the water and it felt amazing!

Great event and would recommend to all and great to have Chris there as well for support.

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