Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Captains 1 Mile Track Race. (4 Laps)


44 A&T members in total turned out for this inaugural event, and with this race forming part of the Road Season calander it is now the most attended event since my takeover as Captain.

It was great to see some of the Monday 10k group joining us on the track and i'd like to thank you for this.    (Speed-work and Long runs all help to improve your running and fitness)

The support provided by family members, pets, and kids was fantastic and it highlighted  just how good our running club is.

After a lengthy and much needed warmup 13 Ladies took to the start line all looking very nervous due to the large numbers watching.


1. Jackie Price                  5:53:76
2. Sue Fletcher                 6:08:73
3. Claire Matchwick        6:14:66
4. Louise Simpson           6:35:29
5. Rachel Haslam             7:00:27
6. Nicola Young               7:20:86
7. Joan Cooke                  7:23:44
8. Claire Unsworth           7:29:07
9. Olutayo Adebowale     7:44:53
10. Lynn Boylin               7:51:98
11. Carmel Unsworth       7:57:81
12. Kay Campbell            7:58:86
13. Catherine Brides        8:35:86

Next up were the 30 men all jostling for good starting positions on the line and elbows at the ready.


1. Robert Johnson              5:04:48
2. Dave Sloan                    5:15:78
3. Tim Campbell                5:19:35
4. Gary Stevens                 5:28:82
5. Mark Collins                 5:33:30
6. Simon Ford                   5:33:98
7. Matthew Thorpe           5:37:83
8. Stuart Livesey               5:38:11
9. Kieran Lomas               5:46:90
10. Carl Murray                5:48:02
11. Brendan Loughrey      5:48:67
12. Gareth Jones               5:50:27
13. Chris Bennett              5:57:10
14. Mark Richies              5:58:82
15. Anthony Hart              6:00:27
16. Mike Carter                6:05:74
17. Simon Wright              6:09:87
18. Phil Spencer-Gray       6:12:82
19. Phil Riley                     6:17:85
20. Neil Mellor                  6:22:75
21. Paul Basnett                 6:23:32
22. Matthew Threlfall        6:24:22
23. Paul Jackson                6:29:05
24. Phil Griffiths                6:52:91
25. Chris Whittaker           6:56:42
26. Rob Foster                   7:14:86
27. Daniel Hurst                7:21:47
28. Paul Roberts                7:25:91
29. Dave Huddleston         7:34:91
30. Ian Hamilton                7:43:89
31. Dave Bennett               9:23:41

As you can see there were some excellent times and some very close battles as predicted. 

Following the race we were greeted with some great Manchester Marathon water and some homemade baking from Kay Campbell.  

I'd like to thank all my helpers on the day and Rebbeca / Lynne / Joanne and all the supporters.   Photos are on the Facebook page. 

Most of the participants made it back to the Whistling Wren for a well earned drink and snack which was nice to see.

League tables will be updated later this week and the next Road season race to look forward to is another new event on the 7th May - Wigan trail 10k .    advisable to book online.

I would appreciate any feedback from this event (positive or negative)  as i'm looking whether we should do this event again and or use it again in the road calendar.



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Great event, maybe consider a finish funnel off yo the right of the track to help finishers stay in line etc? Bit like PR? Really enjoyed it.