Saturday, 29 April 2017

Wigan trail 10k

The next race in the road championships is next Sunday the 7th may.    This is another new race I've added to the calendar for this year so hopefully we can  have another fantastic turnout.   Pre-register is always advisable especially as pre-registered runners receive pie & peas at the end of the race.

Here is the link For timings etc.


Captain CB

Monday, 24 April 2017

Race Report – Boundary Park Tri – 23/04/17

Boundary Park Tri – Standard Distance – 1k Swim, 33.5m Bike, 10k Run

Bike was roughly 10 mile over standard distance as well

Brilliant event, small low key (100 Limit) and really good for beginners to experience their first open water swim

4 A&Ters (Mat T, James B, Graham T and Neil H) took part and 1 A&T support crew (Chris S) also both Captains at this tri as well.

We all turned up around 7:30 am, would have been earlier for Graham and I, but we put the wrong postcode in and was 20 miles in the other direction! Slight panic on! So we all stood around chatting for a bit, tested the water (freezing) I think we may of waited a bit too long because when racking bikes hardly no room (smallest transition area ever) and all the racks were wobbling with the weight of bikes.

Swim route was 2 loops of the lake. Water temp was 13, I am not sure about this personally I think they lied seemed more like 11. We all got in and tried to acclimatize to temp, ended up bobbing up and down for 10mins waiting for the horn. It was freezing once your head was in, it took around 150m before you could get into some proper rhythm. First open water swim race for me and yes it is mental elbows in face. Even swimmers just swimming over you. First out the water was Mat then I was out followed by Neil and then Graham. Just want to add Graham had amazing swim as this was his first tri and he was so nervous. Graham only started to swim 4 months ago!

Transition from swim to bike was a little slow, myself and Neil taking our time having a chat lol. Neil evening saying “why are we taking this long got to be the slowest ever” Graham had brain freeze and struggled to work out what was going on (Just looking at his bike) hahaha.

Bike route was 2 loops quite flat with a few small hills, this race was also drafting allowed which was very new to me. So no TT Bikes, Road bikes only. Marshalls out on the route were really good shouting you on and watching for traffic on turns. So first in was Mat followed by Neil then myself and then graham. Transition was faster this time!

Run route was 2 loops which was fairly flat but had a couple of small uphill drags. At this point of the day it was getting hot as it was lovely day. Mat was first in followed by Neil then myself and then Graham. For me this was the first time, I have not been able to feel my legs waist down for the first 4 miles. A very odd feeling.

Any way once i crossed the finish line, I got back into the water and it felt amazing!

Great event and would recommend to all and great to have Chris there as well for support.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Cake Race 

The next club race is on the fells next Saturday 29th April and is The Cake Race at Diggle.  I did this last year, it’s a lovely run and I would recommend it, but would class it more as a tough trail race than a fell race, the biggest descent/ascent being 2 (long, long) flights of steps.  At 9.9 miles don’t take it lightly, but if you are confident of a half marathon, then you’ll be okay.

The race starts at 11am and entry is either £5 on the day, or free with a homemade cake (which brings the added excitement of a cake judging competition and prizes after the race!).  ALL my brownies had gone last year, with a stack of the winning entry still left over . . . but I’m not bitter about that (...fix!)  

Parking is tight near the start/finish, so allow time for parking a short trot away, but there’s a village hall type place that you can leave stuff in (at your risk) if you wanted to take a bag or a jumper.  Note that if the weather is poor then they may expect you to have full body cover, i.e. waterproof top and trousers, although last year rain/hail was forecast and they only wanted the top.  They do also state a requirement to carry map (print off website), compass, whistle and emergency food (e.g. a gel), so make sure that you have these, plus something to carry them in.  I have a couple of spare whistles and a spare compass if anyone needs one, plus some other spare kit. In fact, I have at least 1 spare of everything, so IM me if you need anything, but it’ll be in the boot of the car anyway.  There’s a good description of the course and a copy of the route map that you can print off on the race website, which is at the URL below.  However the race was well-attended and well-marked last year, so navigation wasn’t a problem. 

Give me a shout if you have any questions, hope you enjoy the race! 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017



The club have decided to take the busy water station at 'The Lane', just off Beaumont Road near Chorley New Road, which is one of the busiest points on the course.  We need to have 25 people manning the station at all times during the day.  The marathon is from early afternoon to late evening.  We appreciate most people are working the Monday but we will be needing people to stay as late as possible.  If you can only do a few hours you might be better doing the late shift as the afternoon shift will be easier to fill.

Family and friends are more than welcome to help but MUST be registered.

The IRONMAN UK race season is fast approaching, and with the introduction of another new race in Edinburgh, it promises to be our busiest yet. Now more than ever, we need our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to perform crucial roles and to help make 2017 our most successful year to date. As someone who has previously volunteered at an IRONMAN event, or expressed an interest, we'd love to have you on the team!

The registration forms for all events can all be found at Alternatively, you can follow the links below:

IRONMAN UK Bolton on Sunday 16 July 2017

You will need to sign-up as a volunteer for each race individually (so if you would like to join us at more than one race - please remember to fill out the relevant registration form for each one).

If you have any questions, please contact

We very much hope to see you in the summer!

Best wishes,

The IRONMAN UK Volunteer Team 2017

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Race Report – Rivingon Pike Fell Race 

The thronging crowds peered anxiously down the hill, as the ominous rumbling sound gradually grew louder and louder,until it was so thunderous that the ground began to shake.  Such a sound has not been heard since the dreaded hordes of Visgoths sacked Rome in 476 AD and is unlikely to be heard again until the Martian War Machine comes from hiding and decimates the WorldActually, on second thoughts though the noise wasn’t ominous . . . it was the sound of . . . fun!?

Suddenly the crowds beheld the awe-inspiring sight of 371 athletes sweeping majestically across the slopes towards the summit of Rivington Pike.  One of them smiled, one of them shouted “Don’t film this shit”all of them couldn’t believe that they’d given up a bank holiday afternoon for this.  That’s right, it was the 125th running of the country’s oldest fell race, and by jingo it was a good one.  

16 well-toned A&T athletes nervously toed the start line opposite Lever Park gates for a road-based sprint start towards Rivington school, before veering off to the right and the start of the climb proper.  From here it’s only 1 mile to the pike, but the route gradually becomes steeper and steeper up runnable paths, until you reach the last 100 yards, where most runners are reduced to hands-on-knees walking.  Then, rounding the pike tower there’s momentary bliss as the ground levels out, and then BANG! it’s a hectic downhill sprint, back the way you came, to the finish.   You need to be careful not to land on your arse (Bacon Mon), but it was all worth it for a pint in the pub and one of Kay’s brownies.

Thanks also to the A&T support on the route, some great photos from Terry online, plus I saw Jo & Mark, Gary, Barry, Stacey and Cath B, apologies if I missed anyone, I was mostly concentrating on not falling over!

Individual results are below, with some amazing performances, and the A&T champs are updated on the website, but it’s also worth mentioning the great results from a team perspective:

Men 6th team from 16

Men (Vets) 5th team from 17

Women 8th team from 13

Women (Vets) 7th team from 8

     27    Tim Campbell         V40   3             20:44

     76    Carl Murray                                    23:14

     97    David Sloan                                    23:40

    113   Brendan Loughrey     V50  17         24:22

    177   Anthony Hart         V45  20            26:39

    192   Claire Matchwick     L    26            27:17

    210   Paul Basnett         V45  23            28:05

    248   Paul Daniel          V40  31             29:43

    257   Derek Coop           V55  24              30:03

    288   Ian Hamilton         V65   8             31:26

    298   Rachel Haslam        L    53              32:07

    319   Clare Unsworth       L40  11             33:57

    328   Tracy Loughrey       L45  11             34:19

    330   Kay Campbell         L40  12              34:35

    341   Robert Foster        V50  39              35:56

    350   Tracy Waterfall      L40  16              36:40


Next on the calendar is the Cake Race in Diggle, Saddleworthon Sat 29th Apr.  Free entry if you bring a cake!  More on that in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Captains 1 Mile Track Race. (4 Laps)


44 A&T members in total turned out for this inaugural event, and with this race forming part of the Road Season calander it is now the most attended event since my takeover as Captain.

It was great to see some of the Monday 10k group joining us on the track and i'd like to thank you for this.    (Speed-work and Long runs all help to improve your running and fitness)

The support provided by family members, pets, and kids was fantastic and it highlighted  just how good our running club is.

After a lengthy and much needed warmup 13 Ladies took to the start line all looking very nervous due to the large numbers watching.


1. Jackie Price                  5:53:76
2. Sue Fletcher                 6:08:73
3. Claire Matchwick        6:14:66
4. Louise Simpson           6:35:29
5. Rachel Haslam             7:00:27
6. Nicola Young               7:20:86
7. Joan Cooke                  7:23:44
8. Claire Unsworth           7:29:07
9. Olutayo Adebowale     7:44:53
10. Lynn Boylin               7:51:98
11. Carmel Unsworth       7:57:81
12. Kay Campbell            7:58:86
13. Catherine Brides        8:35:86

Next up were the 30 men all jostling for good starting positions on the line and elbows at the ready.


1. Robert Johnson              5:04:48
2. Dave Sloan                    5:15:78
3. Tim Campbell                5:19:35
4. Gary Stevens                 5:28:82
5. Mark Collins                 5:33:30
6. Simon Ford                   5:33:98
7. Matthew Thorpe           5:37:83
8. Stuart Livesey               5:38:11
9. Kieran Lomas               5:46:90
10. Carl Murray                5:48:02
11. Brendan Loughrey      5:48:67
12. Gareth Jones               5:50:27
13. Chris Bennett              5:57:10
14. Mark Richies              5:58:82
15. Anthony Hart              6:00:27
16. Mike Carter                6:05:74
17. Simon Wright              6:09:87
18. Phil Spencer-Gray       6:12:82
19. Phil Riley                     6:17:85
20. Neil Mellor                  6:22:75
21. Paul Basnett                 6:23:32
22. Matthew Threlfall        6:24:22
23. Paul Jackson                6:29:05
24. Phil Griffiths                6:52:91
25. Chris Whittaker           6:56:42
26. Rob Foster                   7:14:86
27. Daniel Hurst                7:21:47
28. Paul Roberts                7:25:91
29. Dave Huddleston         7:34:91
30. Ian Hamilton                7:43:89
31. Dave Bennett               9:23:41

As you can see there were some excellent times and some very close battles as predicted. 

Following the race we were greeted with some great Manchester Marathon water and some homemade baking from Kay Campbell.  

I'd like to thank all my helpers on the day and Rebbeca / Lynne / Joanne and all the supporters.   Photos are on the Facebook page. 

Most of the participants made it back to the Whistling Wren for a well earned drink and snack which was nice to see.

League tables will be updated later this week and the next Road season race to look forward to is another new event on the 7th May - Wigan trail 10k .    advisable to book online.

I would appreciate any feedback from this event (positive or negative)  as i'm looking whether we should do this event again and or use it again in the road calendar.



Rivington Pike Fell Race 
Saturday sees the first race this year in the Run the Moors championship and it's a local cracker.  History crackles from every pore of this race, it's one of the oldest in the country and this year is the 125th holding of the event. Ron Hill is the former record holder (his record was beaten by 1 second a couple of years ago) and last year participated for the 40th time ... so it must be good!  It would be absolutely fantastic if we could get a decent turnout from A&T. If you fancy trying a fell race then you won't get one any closer and it's about 3 miles straight up and back down, so accessible for all.
Details can be found at the link below.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Liver Hill

Race Report - Liver Hill fell race
Marathon season, illness and injuries meant a low turnout of 3 A&T fell runners for the Pete Hartley Memorial race at Marl Pits.  The weather was clement, after snow in the previous 2 years, and there had been little rain in the preceding few days, although I'm sure that the bog at the top was still pretty boggy!  I expect that the cream egg at the end made up for it :-)
Neil Hughes was first back for A&T in 34th place and a creditable 42:23, Phil Spencer-Gray was next in 59th place and 48:05, with Anthony Hart not far behind in 73rd place and 50:47.
The latest fell champs standings have been updated on the A&T website and show Phil and Ant leading the pack at this early stage for the Men.  The Women's champs are wide open at the moment (hint, hint).
The next race is on Easter Saturday at 15:00 and is the historic Rivington Pike fell race as part of the Run the Moors competition.  This is one of the oldest races in the country, this year being the 125th holding of the event.  Ron Hill has done it 40 times already, so it must be good!  Entry is £5 on the day only, with a 300 limit.  It would be great to see loads of blue vests for our first Run the Moors race this year, especially for a local event.