Monday, 20 March 2017

GIN PIT Half Marathon

Captains Log.

Well this was my last race before turing into a Veteran and it was certainly one I won't forget in a hurry. There were lots of races to choose from yesterday 20 milers / duathlons / half marathons / 5k's / 1 miler but having the Gin Pit race in our club championships is where my loyalty lied.

 The organisation by our very own Malc Collins and Yuk-Lam was top notch as per usual and on behalf of the club I would like to thank you both for your hard efforts.   However next time could you please ensure the course is alot less muddier and that no rain or wind are present.  

22 Blue vests turned out for this event with 7 members making their first appearance of the season in the road calendar.

Coming home in first place overall was our very own Simon Ford who had a cracking race and was pushed all the way by our track coach David Sloane - 10 sec gap.   The 3rd A&T member home was Gary Stevens.

For the ladies 1st and 2nd place overall were Josie Maley-jones and Susan Fletcher and the 3 A&T home was Claire Matchwick who also secured a very impressive PB - and in those conditions is a great achievement - Well Done.

Another significant achievement was Clare Unsworth beating Bacon Mon for the first time ever - an she full made sure  we all knew about it - including Ian.

There was plenty of support from club members around the course and I thank you all and I would like to thank Rebecca and Phil for time keeping for us all - standing in the rain for all that time is not great but we fully appreciate it,  Thanks.

Full results and times can be found here :-

We now have a short break whilst some of you go off doing marathons -  the next club race will be
"The Captains - Track 1 mile event"   I'm hoping to see record numbers at the track for this event including some of the old / new members.   It would be great if you could offer you support if you can't run.    Ladies race 6-45    Men  7-00pm     Drinks in the WW afterwards.     There will be a £3 entry fee for this race with all competitors receiving a special A&T club memento.  

Cap'n CB     (6 days to go)

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