Sunday, 12 February 2017

Take Over ParkRun Day Update

Thank you everyone for your support with the A&T take-over parkrun day (4th March).  All non-running volunteer roles were snapped-up super quick which, means that the rest of us will be part of a pacing team. Please see below:

RD   Chris Bennett  A384119
Finish tokens    Louise Simpson A498377
Marshal   Clare Unsworth A250469
Marshal   Catherine Worsley A1834351
Marshal  Paul Roberts  A2054346
Marshal Emma Owen A2774677
Timer  Mike Carter A296954
Back up timer  Carmel Unsworth A235144
Scanner  Catherine Brides A1240680
Scanner   Stuart Livesey A1785080
Scanner  Amelie Livesey A2476236
Scanner  Lynn Boylin A542664
Tail runner  James Love A216212
Pacers with suggested times:

Tim Campbell A361985 21 min
Mark riches A417521  22 mins
David Sloan A376553  23 mins
Kieran Lomas A1154417  24 mins
Paul Basnett A71740  26 mins
Claire Matchwick A990126  28 mins
Nicola scott A492073  30 mins
Scott Priestley A584564  32 mins
Jonathan Hall A448835  34 mins

Please let me know if there are any issues with any of this or if you can be a pacer.  Happy to change the suggested times. Need to also think how we make some numbers to show pacing minutes.

Thanks everyone,


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