Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A&T '2017 Road Championship Fixtures'



19th February
Central Lancs 5k (Bolton)                                                 CLGP
26th February
Lostock 6
5th March
Trotters 5 mile (Burden)                                                  CLGP
19th March
Ginpit Half Marathon                                                       CLGP
10th April
CAPTAINS Challenge -    1 Mile TRACK
Women 18:45 hrs
Men 19:00 hrs
7th  May
Wigan Trail 10k     (Amberswood)
14th  June
Horwich 5mile                                                                    CLGP
12th July
CAPTAINS Challenge   - Mystery Race & Distance                                     
6.30 Ginpit
27th August
Pennington Flash 5 (Leigh)                                               CLGP
3rd September
Wigan 10k                 (chip time) 
24th September
Swinton 5.25 (1 lap – yet to be confirmed)                   CLGP
15th October
Manchester Half Marathon    (chip time)
Pennington Flash Only between -  4th February and 28th October

I would advise everyone to pre-book onto any these races should you wish to enter.  As I know that the Wigan 10k and Manchester Half Marathon will sell out and maybe some of the others will as well.


30 pts Will be awarded to the runner coming in First Place, 29 pts for 2nd and 28 for 3rd etc,etc….

 Scoring for Premiership Male/Female, Championship Male/Female will be based on your best scores from 7 of the 12 races.   (Not Including Park Run)

 Scoring for 1st & 2nd Division Male/Female will be based on your best scores from 6 of the 12 Races. (Not including Park Run)

 Your Park Run score will be added as separate event within bonus point section and scored Male/Female 30pts for first, 29pts 2nd and 28pts 3rd etc.

BONUS Points

 You will receive 1 bonus point for each event completed over the assigned league minimum requirement. An additional bonus point will be added for completing all 12 races.

 Anyone completing a marathon between February & October 2017 will receive a 1 bonus point (maximum 1) the Iron Man marathon event will qualify.

 If you complete any of the other CLGP races mentioned below you will obtain 1 bonus point for each race completed:-

Haigh Hall – 10th May

Radcliffe – 2nd July

Chorley – 2nd August

Blackleach – 10th September

League Tables

 On completion of your first road Championship race fixture, you will be allocated into the appropriate league table (see below). This is based on your current 10K PB or equivalent. This will be verified using club records, Power of 10 and Run Britain Rankings to determine this.   If you have any queries or questions regarding which league you are assigned to please let me know.

This year a new Age Grading will be added, following the Runners World Calculations. 

Qualifying times for leagues   (based on 10k)

 Premiership Men – Sub 40min

Championship Men – Sub 45min

1 st Division – Sub 50 min

2 nd Division – 50min+


Premiership Women -  Sub 48 min.

Championship Women – Sub 54 min.

1st Division Women – Sub 58 min.

2nd Division Women – 58min +


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