Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A&T - Road Championship Results 2016

Men's Premiership                                       Women's Premiership

1st - Tim Campbell                                      1st - Josie Maley
2nd- Neil Hughes                                         2nd - Jackie Price
                                                                     3rd - Louise Simpson

Men's Championship                                   Women's Championship

1st - Mark Collins                                        1st  - Rachel Haslam
2nd -Matt Thorpe                                         2nd - Nicola Scott
        Gareth Jones                                         3rd - Vanessa Thomson
3rd - Brendan Loughrey

Men's First Division                                    Women's First Division

1st - Paul Basnett                                         1st -  Kerry Lomas
2nd - Philip Spencer-Gray                           2nd - Tracy Loughrey
3rd - Kieran Lomas                                      3rd - Clare Unsworth

Men's Vet                                                     Women's Vet

1st - Tim Campbell                                      1st - Josie Maley
2nd - Neil Hughes                                        2nd - Jackie Price
3rd -  Mark Collins                                       3rd - Louise Simpson

The spreadsheet with full results will be updated to website soon.

Well done to all winners and a massive thanks to everyone who turned up and raced in any race in this years calendar. 


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