Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Road Races 2017

I know the road season is just about coming to a close but I need to start planning ahead for the 2017 season.  Having spoken to various members and the committee I've decided to make some slight changes to road season for next year.

Over recent years we have followed the CLGP as our road fixtures,  I still intend to support the local clubs that support us but I also want us to enter new races to keep things fresh and interesting.

I'm currently researching ideas and looking at adding races possibly from

St Helens
Dunham Massey

and possibly an away trip to Blackpool, Lancaster or the Lakes

and also adding a new distance of a 1 mile club race.

There will still be opportunity for people to enter all CLGP if they so wish and receive bonus points etc.

If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations I'm prepared to listen.

Also I may take this opportunity to add in another league  in the males and ladies championships (or even change the qualifying times) . Again your opinions matter and I will listen.



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