Thursday, 1 September 2016

Gin Pit 5 Volunteers Required

We are looking for volunteers to help out with the Gin Pit 5 which is on Sunday 9th October.  If anyone can help please email or contact a committee member via email or facebook.

10 course marshals - Dave Sloan (team leader), Jason Revill and son, Clare Unsworth, Craig Bradbury, Neil Hodgson, Jon Hyde, Chris Scholes, Suzanne Gregory, Claire Matchwick

3 x Car Park (can race) - Tim Campbell (team leader), Chris Bennett, Mark Collins

3 x Registration (can race) - Gary Stevens (team leader),  Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam, Emma Stevens (if needed)

3 x Time Keepers - Gary Stevens (team leader), Chris Bennett, Tim Campbell, Chris Whittaker

1x Water Station - Cath Worsley (need to arrange water to get to the finish)

1 x presentation - Chris Bennett

1 x race starter - Chris Bennett

3 or 4 x handing out t-shirts -Emma Stevens, Annabel Stevens, Liz Ellicott

Course set and clean up (can race) x 2 - Jon Hall (team leader), Mike Carter

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