Monday, 25 July 2016

Thunder Run Report by Scott

Thunder run 2016- you didn't fail to impress!

To anyone that has done the Thunder run before you will know how intense the 24 hour run is (especially at night during shifts). By the time Shaun, Dave and I had arrived, camp was superbly set up by James Grylls and Jon Mears, the communal shelter was set up with fairy lights and kitted out with a stove and BBQ!!
All introductions/greeting were done and now onto Friday's main event - drinking. The girls as usual went heavy on the prosecco and Shaun has finished 3 cans of Carling in 30 minutes. Usual banter was flying round the circle from thunder run virgins to homeless and hungry Stuart to James sexy legs to jackie's love of sausages to a short game of cards against humanity........we will come back to this shortly!
A sterling job from James for cooking all the food on the BBQ and bacon butties on Saturday must be noted........and no one got food poisoning!
All tops were divide out between everyone and then Dave, Claire and Clare arrived just in time for a game of family fortunes! There was no cheating going on at all 🤔 and then onto cards against humanity if anyone has played this game you will know how wrong and weird this game can be for instance a question is asked........ What's that smell? Then everyone has cards in their hand and they have got to pick the best match up sentence. There was some very inappropriate sentences which I don't think I can write down but please ask someone who was there. All this was going on at 1 o'clock knowing we would have to complete close to a marathon distance in the morning, we ended up calling it a day after numerous complaint from other tents and before things got really messy with Dave and James starting on the whiskey!

Bed at 1 up at 6 just what everyone needed......a crap nights sleep and to make matters worse it was around 25 degrees and baking hot - great running conditions....not! A few sore heads in the morning were erased after team photos and ready for first runners, Tom,Dave and Neil.
Some notable performances in the first 12 hours was Toms 41 minutes 10K on possibly the hardest 10K ever, Clare's 66 minute 10K and Steve Eccles 46 minute who unfortunately has to retire due to a hamstring strain! Also a notable performance must go to Linda who after her first run celebrated with a couple of cans of Stella - hardcore! During the night the weather cooled down, and then out came the head torches - this was my favourite run weaving through the wood in complete darkness the only problem was shifts on who was meant to wake who up next as you can see from the board everything was under control though......or maybe not!!

Tim was adamant he was going out at 4.30 no later and no earlier and then people started to get sore from the amount of running, people ran together and some took one for the team by doing 2 laps. Dave and Claire retired due to their amazing antics the week before in Bolton and to be running a week later was a fantastic achievement. The morning flew by with everyone completing 2,3,4 and even 5 laps of the course all in fast times. The finish arrived at 12 midday two teams completing 22 laps in 24 hours and one team completed 27 laps in 24 hours a new club record 🎉 A&T team Ashley Goulays at Thunder Run 2016 27 laps in 24hrs Dave Crowe 4 laps Shaun Moran 4 laps James Bentall 4 laps Scott Priestley 5 laps Jon Hall 5 laps Tom Fletcher 5 laps Well done team 😀
The tents were put down, the goodbyes and hugs were given out and then everybody was given chance to reflect on the weekend for the drive home on the M6. Thunder Run 2016, you lived up to expectation and didn't disappoint. I'm sure we will be back next year for more fun and frolics and even more laps in 24 hours. Well done to everyone who competed and hopefully you recover quickly.

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