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Manchester Marathon 2016 - Group Report!

Manchester Marathon 2016 - Group Report!

19 A&T ers on the start line at Manchester Marathon this year! Apart from a total shambles of bag collection at the end (people waiting 2hrs + for bags) - it was a fabulous day, great weather, flat course, great seeing loads of A&T out there and spectators were amazing! Big whoop whoop and thank you to all our water station heroes - the thought of you all at 25miles is so needed!

These are our thoughts on the race:

Tom Fletcher (3:01)
Great first marathon in terms of route and support only let down being organisation for baggage. Was cruising for 20 miles then starting feeling it after 21 mile.... by 23 mile i wanted it over! but stuck at it the till end. Will be looking to do another later in the year so definitely hasn't put me off

Fit Dave (3:04)
My fourth year doing this event and the support keeps getting better. Great weather helped a lot too although I have a touch of sunburn on my shoulders! Baggage was a total farce, but we all know that.
Malc (3:22)
Got up feeling really nervous. But after setting of with Lynn and Tracy C, I soon got into it,I really enjoyed most of it, last few miles were hard but managed to get round without getting cramp or any injuries, loved crossing the finished line, couldn't believe I had ran a marathon! Didn't think I would be saying this but I am doing the Liverpool rock'n'roll marathon next month! I can say it now, I really enjoyed Sunday. So glad I did it.

James L (3:27)
Apart from the bag drop it was a fantastic day with great weather and lots of friendly faces. The end was fantastic as people could really give everything they had left in the last 800m. Good bit for me was at 25mile at the a and t water station getting a bottle of water off bacon mon and squirting half of it on him. Well done to everyone.

Sue (3:31)
I set off on a glorious morning hoping for a sub 3:35 marathon having previously completed Blackpool marathon in 2010 in just under 3:38. My goal of doing Manchester was a GFA for London and it also happened to be my 40th birthday year so thought I'd mark it with an achievement and raise money for Salford stroke unit. Manchester didn't fail me- the atmosphere was amazing and the course was lovely and flat! At the start line I bumped into fellow club runners, Josie and Stu, and set off with them to complete the first mile in 8:24. Feeling fresh I pushed on ahead to run slightly sub 8 min mile pace as planned. Very soon I realised it just wasn't going to be my massive PB goal of a sub 3:30- even by half marathon stage I was feeling it!! Decided today was more about my main goal so I steadied my pace but unfortunately didn't get my second wind. I was in front of the 3:29 pacer until 12miles but a toilet stop ended up with me behind. By mile 24 the 3:30 marker passed me by, but by this stage I was fighting the urge to stop and stretch rather than keeping up. I knew the A&T water station was ahead and that gave me a milestone to run towards- seeing familiar faces of encouragement gave me the boost I much needed to dig in for the last stretch!! The finish line was a sight for sore legs- it seemed to go on forever the last strip but I dug deep and just hoped for a good time but didn't dare look at my watch. RESULT!! Finished with a time 3:31:41. Can't say it went well on the day though and not sure why- I felt heavy and sluggish from half way so it was a long slog to the finish, but the day overall was amazing and made the pain/chaffing/blisters all worthwhile. London sub 3:30 here I come!! X x

Brendan (3:54)

Got a race number 2 weeks ago, so after a few long training runs, thought I would go for it! Stayed with the 3 30 marker for 18 miles but then got cramp, so had to slow it down, looking forward to London now, hope I can get a pb there.

Claire M (3:57)
For me two things stood out this year one was the camaraderie amongst runners both out on the course and in the baggage queue - there was a real feeling that we were all in it together. The second was the support last year it was good this year it was amazing such a wonderful atmosphere with so many shout outs and high fives you just had to keep running.

Scott (3:59)
What a fantastic race to choose for my first marathon event! Lots of training had been done and physically I was in the best shape I've ever been in! Unfortunately mentally I wasn' soon as mile 21 arrived it was downhill cramps in my quads and calves up until that point a I think I was on target for a 3.38! The last 5 miles were walk/run! I loved my first marathon and my target of under 4 hours was achieved just in time of 3.59.07. I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of doing a marathon in the near future! Thanks also to all the support around the course it was amazing 🏻

Stu (4:01)
Josie and I had a ball. Ran the whole race together (a first). Our plans went out the window after mile 16 when my hip went, I could barely run by the end but we stuck it out to shouts of "go kilt guy". Josie loved it all, without having to push for a PB she had a 26.2 mile party of jelly babies, haribo and high fives. We both loved it

Josie (4:01)
Loved it yesterday, great crowd and atmosphere coming into the finish and was relieved Stuart was able to keep going!  Support on the course and the camaraderie from fellow team mates was fab. As we left the cricket ground Stuart commented how much he enjoyed being part of the club. It's true. The warmth and connection everyone has is amazing. It really makes you feel good to part of it.

Michelle (4:06)
4th appearance at Manchester marathon for me, I wasn't going to do it as it didn't fit in with my IM training but couldn't resist Manchester's 40th race coinciding with my 40th year. An icy start to the day gave additional wardrobe stresses but needn't have worried as the sun came out early.  Fab atmosphere as always and lots of A&T club runners to wave at on the route and at the water station. I did well staying at a comfortable pace for 19 miles then the dark part of the marathon kicked in as usual, head down and get the job done (thank you Alan for keeping my spirits up when it got tough). Loved the teeny tiny Shetland pony out to cheer us on at mile 20(ish). The run to the finish was cruel this time, the finish gantry was like a mirage in the distance and never seemed to get any closer. Fab enormous medal, random goody bag contents, very crap bag handling like in 2012 (I thought they'd got over that) but overall I'm very pleased with the run and a PB to boot!

Nicola (4:14)
Mcr marathon was my first attempt at the 26.2. Although I'd been training all year, I'd only signed-up a few weeks ago as I wanted to be as sure as possible that I was up to the challenge. The day turned out to be one of the loveliest events I've ever been to, once the stressful traffic jam was out of the way. It was the perfect first marathon due to all the familiar faces in the race and the abundance of dedicated supporters including friends, family, fellow runners, 'flashers' and complete strangers who were all exuding moral support and cheer. The sun shone down on us and I personally felt like a had a good dose of 'spring in my step' for most of the route, for which I was most thankful and this led me to exceed the target I'd set myself my 16 minutes. Am certain I could never have achieved this without joining A&T.

Joan (4:25)

Vanessa (4:30)
Brill day n loved the support, so much so that I kept having asthma attacks trying to hold back the tears!! Lol. Eeediot! !!!

Clare U (4:47)
After 3 weeks  of stressing and physio for horrible shin splints I was very happy to find myself finally on the start line of my first marathon. Was absolute bag of nerves beforehand! I was desperate to break 5 hours but from training runs thought it was going to be very close. I set off and within half a mile ended up running with another girl who was running at exact same pace and had same goal as me. Weirdly this worked brilliantly and we ran together for 18 miles - mad to think that I spent 3.5hrs with a total stranger. The course was fantastic, spectators were massive boost. Was great running in a massive pack of people rather than on my lonesome at the back! Loads of family and friends and familiar faces and support from club mates on foot and on bike! Loved when the race doubled back and we got to high five club friends. Made me remember how much I love being in a club! Last 4 miles were absolutely horrible..never ending! By 24 miles I was doing run 100 steps, walk 100 steps, wanted to cry but was too exhausted and dehydrated to get any sobs or tears out! A&T water station was sooo good to see, as was Fit Dave standing half a mile before the finish with his medal , a pep talk and very stiff legs. Dave managed to run 10 yards with me at 13min mile pace but couldn't keep up! (lol) Managed to run in across the line (helped massively by Bev Tickle running on pavement next to me tripping over dogs and dodging lampposts). Burst into tears and chuffed to bits with 4.47 finish.
That was my first marathon. I have woken up today feeling like I have been run over by a happy truck! Aching from top to toe, covered in blisters, one black toenail and a shin that feels like it's been split in two - but literally can't stop smiling! Loved it!
Rob (5:08)
Really enjoyed the part where runners going in both directions, high fives and shout outs to fellow A&Ters. Fantastic support en route. I was really struggling around 23 miles so was having a walk with Stacey, holding hands. This runner, a guy about 60 ran up behind us and grabbed my other hand, walked with us for about 20 yards then ran off. Brilliant! Gave me a good boost.

Tracy L (5:15)
Got up feeling really nervous. But after setting of with Lynn and Tracy C, I soon got into it,I really enjoyed most of it, last few miles were hard but managed to get round without getting cramp or any injuries, loved crossing the finished line, couldn't believe I had ran a marathon! Didn't think I would be saying this but I am doing the Liverpool rock'n'roll marathon next month! I can say it now, I really enjoyed Sunday. So glad I did it.
Lynn (5:15)
Oh my god the day has arrived. I was a bit upset just before the start line thinking I couldn't do it but once I started I was okay. Loved the crowds and support. Got to 20 mile and started to struggle but carried on steadily and picked myself up with help from both Tracy's and Steve. I even managed a high five with Frank Sidebottom! All in all one fab day. First and last marathon done. Lynn.xx

Tracey W (5:23)
It was an amazing day with fantastic support from A&T, the runners, those at the water station and those who came to cheer us on! Even managed to get a suntan and I loved the beef jerky!

John M (5:51)

Good evening all. This Marathon was done with a Unit member who could not walk hardly 3 years ago Julie Misel. After 8 foot operations she resigned her self of not recovering. I reassessed her footwear and she started to walk better. 2 years later as I arrived from Chicago she said she wanted to do a Marathon, but due to her injuries and weight she could not go on a running schedule. After 8 months of training with a maximum of 8 miles she took part and achieved her first Marathon age 47 and lost over 3 stone and more importantly never received one injury. My journey with her was inspirational but I will never run around a route that slow again carrying 7kgs 5 hours and 51 minutes is very credible for someone who not trained over 8 miles. My training will start this month with the club as now ai have finished my nurse training. Strangely I did look out for A&Ters but could not see any of you. Must be all too fast smile emoticon well done all

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