Sunday, 6 March 2016

Trotters 5 by CB

Captains Log !

A chilly Mothers day Sunday saw 25 blue vests (same as last year) take to the start line a scenic Trotters 5 at Smithills hall.   

Thanks to Gary for confirming which way round the course we were meant to be going as last year we ran the course in the opposite direction - but i'm led to believe we used the old course today.

The obligatory team photo was taken by Terry (thank you) and Rachel brought the team kit bag for everyone's hoodies and hats.  

After a few shoe choice discussions the race started prompt at 10am.    It was a typical CLGP race with a mixture of hills, mud, road, tarmac, horse shite and out of control horses.

The fast down hill to the finish line was a welcome site to most.

Mark Riches led the men home and picking up the V50 winners prize and Josie Maley led the ladies home also picking up her first V35 award.    Well done to everyone who turned up - especially you mummy's and those dads who managed to get a pass out to run this morning.   

All finishers received a goodie bag with a tech T-shirt and curly wurly!  There were bananas and oranges up for grabs - but personally i don't think there were as good as my sliced oranges !

Lynn apologised to me at the end of the race for being last and keeping everyone waiting !!!! to which i refused to accept.  No one comes last for A&T as you beat everyone who didn't turn up!

Finally thanks to our great supporters on the sidelines -  Jo, Ian, Terry, Michaela, Emma, Annabel 



1. Mark Riches    33.10
2. Gary Stevens  33.41
3. Neil Hughes   33.55
4. Mark Collins   34.32 
5. Steve Coleman 35.23
6. Gareth Jones 36.13
7. Brendan Loughrey  36.19
8. Chris Bennett 37.07
9. Kieran Lomas 39.57
10. Philip Spencer-gray 41.15
11. Joshua Darby 41.32
12. Ian Hamilton 43.07
13. Graham Townshend 43.48
14. Rob Foster      47.27


1. Josie Maley  35.52
2. Jackie Price 36.48
3. Susan Fletcher 39.27
4. Louise Simpson 41.05
5. Rachel Haslam  44.08
6. Nicola Scott  47.19
7. Vanessa Thomson 47.20
8. Tracy Loughrey 48.10
9. Clare Unsworth 48.56
10. Joan Cooke 49.16
11. Lynn Boylin 52.29

league tables will be updated and uploaded this week.

There will be some changes to the original leagues as some people have contacted me with there current PB's and current times for 10k's   

Please can this be put on the blog

Cheers   CB

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