Friday, 12 February 2016

GP5 course record vote; Sunday 28th February 2016 at 8pm - by Mark Riches

Those present at the AGM last Saturday will be aware of the background to this and the discussion has been captured in the meeting notes, which will be posted on the website

The idea behind changing the course record was to attract  new runners and due to a change of course EA confirmed we were able to do this. It was felt (rightly or wrongly) that the decision lies not with the club but the race director

It became clear at the AGM that members felt  that a vote should have been taken on this and/or communication about the decision shared ahead of the race. Therefore, I suggested we have a meeting to vote on the 3 options listed below:

1.       Do nothing
2.       Change the course significantly at the next race
3.       Reinstate the record
At the meeting we will also be looking to fill a couple of Committee positions, namely Road Captain & Race Director, if you are interested in taking on either role, please email

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