Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A&T Club Champs Races 2016

Although the AGM is a few weeks away, for those of you already wanting to plan ahead for your racing season here are the dates of the club races for this year.

I'm using the same format as 2015 so our club champs include all the CLGP races except Gin Pit 5 (9th October) and will again include the popular Gin Pit Half Marathon.  For anyone wanting to do Malc's full Marathon you will still collect points for the half.

Collating and checking all the Parkruns was a big job in 2015 so although many of us like to race at different venues the only qualifying venue for club champs this year will be our home Parkrun - Pennington Flash. This makes it a level (or not) playing field for everyone and less work for me!

I'm hoping to see at least as many club racers as 2015 but if we can increase our numbers that would be great!

Good luck to you all, whatever your racing plans for 2016.
Hope to see you all on the start line :D

Capt Barbs x
#TeamA&T <3

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