Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Manchester Marathon

Manchester marathon 10th April 2016 – by Mark Riches


If you want to help out at next year’s race, part of the pre-race preparation is to register your details on line. This information is needed for emergency contact details and also so that the organisers can order any clothing in the right sizes. It also helps me to see how marshal registration is progressing as we need to provide 20 marshals again this year in order to have our usual water station


The registration will take just a couple of minutes and the process is as follows:


Use the link, click on drink station marshals, enter the group code for Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners which is astlandtyl2016 and then complete the personal details as requested.


The organisers make a considerable donation to A&T club funds in return for us supplying marshals 



Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Saturday 6th February 2016


I hereby give notice that the 2016 AGM will take place at Miners Welfare Institute, Gin Pit Village on Saturday 6th February starting at 20:00


The purpose of the Annual General Meeting will be:


·        to receive the Annual Reports of the Committee

·        receive the audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet

·        elect the Officers and Committee for the ensuing year

·        consider any amendments to the Constitution Rules of which due notice has been given to all members.


The Constitution is in the ‘committee’ section of the A&T website and can be viewed HERE


Any proposed change to any rule contained within this Constitution should be notified to Mark Riches as Club Secretary ( by Sunday 10th January in order that all members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal


Furthermore, if you wish to stand for any of the roles listed below; please notify Mark on the above email no later than Sunday 17th January


      Club Secretary


      Road Captain

      Race Organiser

      Membership Secretary

      Tri Captain

      Head Coach (option to join committee)

      Fell Captain (option to join committee)

      Cross-country Captain (option to join committee)

      Ultra-running Captain (option to join committee)

      IT manager (non-committee)

Monday, 28 December 2015

Turkey Trot Results

Distance - 5k (and a bit)
6 laps of the field and speedway track at the back of the Gin Pit

With Handicap

1. Rebecca Clarke 28.50
2. Barbara White 29.54
3. Nicola Scott 30.07
4. Jason Revill 30.16
5. Joanna Gibson 30.45
6. Clare Unsworth 30.58
7. Rob Foster 31.00
8. Rachael Haslam 31.17
9. Emma Higgins 31.26
10. Joan Cooke 31.38
11. Dave Sloan 31.51
12. Phil Riley 31.55
13. Paul Basnett 32.00
14. Tracey Loughrey 32.08
15. Neil Hughes 32.10
16. Louise Simpson 32.20
17. Mark Collins 32.35
18. Bacon Mon 32.42
19. Jon Hall 32.48
20. Scott Priestley 32.49
21. Ian Joslin (and Woody) 33.07
22. Gary Stevens 33.08
= Stuart Jones 33.08
24. Steve Coleman 33.09
25. Manisha Patel 33.30
26. Tim Campbell 33.36
27. Mark Riches 33.39
28. Lynne Boylin 33.50
29. Mike Carter 33.51
30. Josie Maley 34.09
31. Brendan Loughrey 34.32
32. Chris Bennett 35.02

Times without Handicaps

1. Tim Campbell 19.36
2. Dave Sloan 19.51
3. Gary Stevens 20.38
4. Steve Coleman 20.39
5. Mark Collins 21.05
6. Ian Joslin 21.07
7. Mark Riches 21.09
8. Stuart Jones 21.38
9. Mike Carter 21.51
10. Josie Maley 22.09
11. Phil Riley 22.25
12. Neil Hughes 22.40
13. Chris Bennett 23.02
= Brendan Loughrey 23.02
15. Jon Hall 23.18
16. Scott Priestley 23.19
17. Paul Basnett 24.00
18. Louise Simpson 25.20
19. Rob Foster 26.00
20. Bacon Mon 26.12
21. Rachael Haslam 26.17
22. Barbara White 26.24
23. Nicola Scott 26.37
24. Jason Revill 26.46
25. Rebecca Clarke 28.50
26. Clare Unsworth 28.58
27. Joan Cooke 29.38
28. Tracey Loughrey 30.08
29. Emma Higgins 30.26
30. Joanna Gibson 30.45
31. Lynne Boylin 31.50
32. Manisha Patel 33.30

Best Dressed - 1st Lynne Boylin
Runner Up - Tim Campbell
Helpers - Claire Matchwick, Chris Whittaker and James Bentall

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Turkey Handicaps

See below handicaps for the turkey trot on Monday 28th December.
Meeting at 9.30am for 10am start.
Note i expect the course to be very wet so please wear appropriate footwear.
If you are on the list and cannot make it please let me know so i can remove you.

Don't forget that every runner must bring a prize for the fund so everyone taking part will win something.

Turkey Trot Handicaps

0 - Rebecca Clarke & Joanne Gibson & Manisha Patel 
1 min - Emma Higgins
mins - Lyne Boylin & Tracey Loughrey & Joan Cooke & Clare Unsworth & Joan Cooke 
3.30 mins -  Barbara White, Jason Revill, Nicola Scott
5 mins Rachael Haslam, Rob Foster
6 mins 30 – Bacon Mon
7 mins Louise Simpson
mins mins Paul Basnett
9.30 mins Scott Priestley, Jon Hall, Phil Riley
10.30 mins Neil Hughes 
11.30 – Stuart Jones, Mark Collins, Brendan Loughrey
12 mins - Dave Sloan, Josie Maley, Chris BennettMikeCarter,  Ian Joslin (and Woody)
12.30 mins - Gary Stevens, Mark Riches, Steve Coleman
14 mins - Tim Campbell 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas to everyone associated with A&T

My 2015 by Mark Riches

My 2015 by Mark Riches (No 48!)



Total mileage during 2015 was 1780 which is 17% down on last year and equates to 34 miles per week; New Year's resolution is to try to run more next year!


Highest week w/c 27/07/15 (49 miles) – 2 x club sessions, 2 x runs with Laura

Lowest week w/c 05/01/15 (17 miles) – not a good start to 2015; I cut my right foot on one of Daniel’s free weights on New Year’s Day  so had to take a few days off 


Training highlights during 2015 (apart from the various Club sessions *)


*Out of a possible 48 track sessions (51 – 3 BH) I have managed only 18 and out of a possible 47 Wednesday sessions (51 – 2 x race + 1 x inter-club challenge + 1 x cancelled due to ice) I have managed only 24 – mostly due to work commitments


Sunday 11/01/15 – great run with Laura 10 miles from hotel in Edinburgh to Holyrood Park & up to Arthur’s seat 

W/c 30/03/15 – week off work & 2 really nice runs with my wife, Jo in Wales

Early June – 2 weeks of ‘warm weather training’ (& drinking of red wine) with Jo in France. Most days I ran either 6 or 8 miles with Jo cycling alongside me

Wednesday 24/06/15– in Glasgow with work and had a great early morning run along the River Clyde 

W/c 03/08/15 – in Devon for a week of cycling (with Jo & Laura) and running (with Laura) along the Tarka Trail

Friday 14/08/15 – away with work again and had a very enjoyable run at 7 am in the rain along Newcastle Quayside

W/c 14/12/15 – Laura home for Christmas; ran Pennington Flash Park Run ‘with’ her and then got told off because I was struggling with the pace of the 4 mile warm-down!


Racing highlights during 2015 (again availability to race has been restricted by work commitments)



Saturday 07/02/15 – inaugural A&T x-country champs; 1st Vet (40.25)

Sunday 22/03/15 - GP half marathon; I started the race and then made my way through the pack to finish 4th in a time of 1.27.00

Wednesday 17/06/15 – Horwich 5 I had a reasonable run but this race is memorable as I really enjoyed the warm-down with Laura (she won’t let me warm-up with her as I was too slow!) we even had our picture taken at the finish, which she framed & gave me for Father’s Day (see above) Incidentally, she was 1st lady & beat me by over a minute even though she was “treating it as a training run”

Thursday 09/07/15 – Revenue and Customs Sports and Leisure (RSCL) National Sport Day (Warwick) 2ndV50 in both the 1500m (5:02) and 3000m (10:44

Wednesday 07/10/15 – RCSL (NW) 5 mile trail race; this race is held on GP5 course & I continued my 6 year winning streak (32:05)


Achievements during 2015


·         2nd V50 in the 2014/15 South East Lancs X-country Champs

·         3rd in the 2014/15 A&T Veterans X-country Champs

·         3rd in the A&T Road Champs Premiership

·         3rd in the A&T Road Champs Veterans

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My 2015 by Helen Minshall

Hi A&T Members


Here is my round up of 2015. It’s been an unusual year. At Easter I left my full time job and started up my own company, which has forced a rethink of my training programme somewhat, but has had a major positive impact on my life. I’ve done more open water swimming, and really enjoyed myself.


Sun 22nd Feb - Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool. 5th year in a row. Got soaked in driving rain and frozen to the bone in a howling gale. It’s always the same every year!


Sun 1st March - Anglesey Half Marathon. What a fantastic event! Stunning course and so well organised by “Always Aim High”. We made a weekend of it. Re-entered for 2016.


Sun 19th April - Ribby Hall Triathlon. The swim and bike were fine but hated the repetitive run course. My heart wasn’t in it with London looming the following week.


Sun 26th April - London Marathon. I’d enjoyed the event in 2013 and had a charity place for 2014 which I had to defer to 2015 due to emergency surgery. This was all a step too far for me. I was way out of my depth but managed somehow to get round with a rubbish time that I’m totally ashamed of but I raised £2.5k for St Ann’s Hospice. I won’t be doing another full marathon. 


Sun 17th May - St Anne’s Triathlon. 5th year in a row at this event and loved it very much!


Sun 31st May - Nantwich Triathlon. Really great event, well organised and loved the outdoor swim despite been told off for tumble turning on auto pilot. Re-entered for 2016.


Frid 12th June. Great North Swim 5k Windermere. Gorgeous sunny day. 3rd year at this event and loved it! Just wished I’d worn my shortie wetsuit as the water was very warm.


Sun 28th June. Chatsworth Triathlon. Great course! Lovely river swim - and no obligation to wear a wetsuit!! Tough bike course - many hills. Free Erdinger alcohol free lager at the finish line.


Sat 4th July. Great Manchester Swim. Hated this event. The water at 19 degrees was totally unstable for wetsuits and I ended up hyperventilating in the heat. Never again!


Sun 5th July. For the 2nd year in a row I took part in this event as a team with my friends Fiona and Jon Saunders. I did the swim which I loved, but felt like I ought to have done the rest!


Sun 12th July. Epic Swim Ullswater 3.8k. Loved every minute of this amazing event which I’ve done for the last 3 years.


Sun 19th July. Capernwray Venus ladies only triathlon. 3rd year at this event. The swim is stunning in crystal clear water with big fish. A great event which I’ll be doing again in 2016.


Sun 26th July. Salford Triathlon. 3rd year at this event and really loved it, especially as I could swim without my wetsuit - that made all the difference to me. 


Sat 1st August. Epic Swim Derwentwater 3.8k. It was a very challenging swim in quite a turbulent current, especially round the back of the island. Can’t say it rates in my top ten favourites.


Frid 7th - Sun 9th Aug. Head To The Hills Great Lakes Swim Challenge West. A fantastic 3 days of open water swimming with a group of swimmers even more crazy than me! We swam a variety of distances in Wast Water (beautiful!!) Ennerdale, Loweswater, Crummock Water, Buttermere, Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite. We stayed in Keswick Youth Hostel. I met some great new friends and loved the joy of swimming without the faff of having to wear a wetsuit.


Sun 16th Aug. Epic Swim Coniston - I decided to do the 1 mile swim as I was heading straight off on another 3 day swimming holiday. I enjoyed the shorter distance.


Sun 16th - Tues 18th Aug. Head To The Hills Great Lakes Swim Challenge East. Another amazing 3 days! This time we were based at Ambleside Youth Hostel and swam in Windermere, Coniston, Esthwaite, Elterwater, Rydal Water, Grasmere, Brotherswater and Ullswater. Totally mind blowing!!!!


Sat 29th Aug. Great Scottish Swim, Loch Lomond. Had entered the 2 mile but dropped back to the mile to fit in with family holiday arrangements. It was a fun swim in rough water!


Sun 20th Sept. Fleetwood Triathlon. 5th year at this event. Really enjoyed it.


For 2016 I’ve entered the Anglesey Half Marathon in March and the Edinburgh Half Marathon in May, and the Nantwich Triathlon. I plan to do more open water swimming and have booked the Great North 10k and Great Scottish Swim 5k events and have entered the Coniston end to end swim in September. I may enter some more triathlons and swim events but now I’m working as a freelance musician and often need to travel, sometimes finishing up 3 or 4 hours away from home on Saturday nights, I need to wait and book more last minute for events.


Good luck to all my fellow club members for 2016. 



Friday, 18 December 2015

Turkey Trot - Updated List 18th December - Entries close tonight

I will be closing the Turkey Trot entry list tonight.  
We have had a great response of 32 runners and 1 dog!

Handicaps will be blogged/facebooked on Boxing day - based on race times, current form etc .. and your handicap is non-negotiable!

May the best man (or dog) win!!

Entries so far ..

Gary Stevens
Mark Riches
Clare Unsworth
James Bentall
Barbara White
Chris Bennett
Louise Simpson
Nicola Young
Scott Priestley
Tim Campbell
Mark Collins

Phil Riley
Rebecca Clarke
Rob Foster
Jon Hall

Joanne Gibson
Stuart Jones
Josie Maley
Manisha Patel
Ian Joslin & Woody

Jason Revill
Dave Sloan
Emma Higgins
Rachel Haslam
Brendan Loughrey
Tracey Loughrey
Lynn Boylin
Steve Coleman
Paul Basnett 
Neil Hughes
Joan Cooke
Mike Carter
Jackie Price ? (doubt)


Chris Whittaker
Claire Matchwich

If you want to be added to the list please email or reply to this post.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Turkey Trot Updated List

I want to close the entry list next weekend.

Entries so far ..

Gary Stevens
Mark Riches
Clare Unsworth
James Bentall
Barbara White
Chris Bennett
Louise Simpson
Nicola Young
Scott Priestley
Tim Campbell
Mark Collins

Phil Riley
Rebecca Clarke
Rob Foster
Jon Hall

Joanne Gibson
Stuart Jones
Josie Maley
Manisha Patel
Ian Joslin & Woody

Jason Revill
Dave Sloan
Emma Higgins
Rachel Haslam
Brendan Loughrey
Tracey Loughrey
Lynn Boylin
Steve Coleman
Paul Basnett 
Neil Hughes
Joan Cooke
Mike Carter


Chris Whittaker
Claire Matchwich

If you want to be added to the list please email or reply to this post.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Shaun - Head Coach

Hi Everyone

I would just like inform everyone that Shaun has stepped down as Head Coach. Shaun is still a member of the club.

I would like to thank Shaun for all his help as Head Coach. Shaun has helped so many people with his running experience and vast knowledge, as well as helping us reach our goals.

I personally owe a lot to Shaun as i have reached my goals with his excellent input.



Wednesday Efforts 23rd Dec

 Is going to be a good old fashion Fartlek session (Indian Running)....... 

So lets buy some Xmas hats to add to the spirit this is the last quick session of the year and before we eat lots of food.

This well be the session below


This interval technique is a modified version of fartlek training that works really well for groups of people (6 or more). Stay together as a group, but spread out single file as you hit the road. When everyone feels warmed up, the person at the back of the line increases her/his speed in order to pass everyone en route to the front, and then returns to the pace of the rest of the group, while the next person at the back of the line dashes

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A&T X-Country Saturday 5TH December 2015 at Marl Pitts, Rossendale – by Mark Riches

This was the last Red Rose fixture and they certainly saved the ‘best until last’ judging by the photo above

The 5 A&T ladies (pictured above) were first to tackle the very challenging and very muddy course. Jackie Price was first back in a time of 24.33 followed closely by Susan Fletcher (25.00) and Suzanne Gregory (25.12) Next home was Michelle Fairclough, who has complete all 7 Club races which is an excellent achievement, in a time of 31.12 with Clare Unsworth (34.33) completing the A&T line-up – well done ladies

Next it was the turn of the 2 A&T men James Bentall (42.12) and Keiron Lomas (46.17), pictured above, to build up a thirst prior to the Presentation night – well done lads

Thanks again to James for looking after the tent, flag & numbers again

Next race in the club champs is on Saturday 16th January 2016 at Hyndburn for the 2nd time this season – make a note in your diaries

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Parkrun Reminder

Hi all,

Just a final reminder that it's our club take over day at the flash this Saturday. Please arrive for 8:40 at the start, wearing your club attire. It would be nice to get as many as possible running as well as volunteering. It's also Chris's 100th parkrun and there might be a few treats in the cabin afterwards. All volunteers are officially registered against their barcode numbers but I'm sure it won't be a problem if you choose to swap positions between yourselves.

RD.  Chris Bennett 
Scanner Barb White
Scanner Emma Higgins 
Scanner Clare Jones
Scanner Manisha Patel    
Time keeper Tim Campbell
Tokens Louise Simpson
Marshall Kieron Lomas
Marshall Jonathan Hall
Marshall Dave Capner
Marshall Vanessa Thomson 
Tail runner Joan Cooke
Report writer Nicola Scott

Reserve Tracey Waterfall Chadwick 
Reserve Ian Ryder

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


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Monday, 7 December 2015

My 2015 - Cath Hodgetts

The biggest challenge for me this year started with a lot of dithering in 2014.

In 2014 I did my first marathon, Bolton Hill Marathon, and wanted to have another stab at it again in 2015.  I also wanted the medal from Liverpool RnR Marathon after seeing one while helping out in 2014 at one of the water stations.  The last few years Bolton has taken place in March and Liverpool in June so I thought that would be fine no problem, nice little break between. Not this year.  They were 8 days apart as Bolton got moved to June.  Anyway, after a lot of dithering, as I said earlier, and questioning if I could do 2 marathons in 8 days I took the plunge and entered them both.  I also entered three others, Malc's Marathon in March which I had to pull out of due to injury, Blackpool Marathon which I differed to 2016 so I could recover from my injuries and Potteries Marathon which, again, I pulled out of due to knee injury.  The two I really wanted to complete (Liverpool and Bolton) I did finish in times of around 5 hrs 35 mins (Liverpool was a minute or two faster than Bolton but no need to be exact).  At Liverpool I made a new friend and hope to complete Manchester Marathon in 2016 with her.

I have completed several other races of distances ranging from 5kms to half marathons.  In July I did a 10 mile race and half marathon in one weekend so I decided that I would raise the stakes in October and I did two half marathons over the same weekend - Rivington on 3rd and Congleton Half on 4th October.  By completing these two halves over the one weekend I raised roughly £250 for the animal shelter where I adopted my Molly (dog that I had for just over 14 years before she died of old age).

I chose this year to have a year off club races as I wanted to concentrate on the marathons I had entered and also do other races.  There have been times where I have raced more weekends than not by completing roughly 11-12 races over approximately 14-16 weeks, weekends where I have raced both Saturday and Sunday.  I also coached the first beginners group while marathon training and completing the two in 8 days.  The day after completing Liverpool RnR marathon I was out running again with the beginners group so clocked up around 30 miles in just two days (around 56 miles over 8 days).  I've got loads of new medals this year, entered some races already for next year, done things I didn't think I could do.  I also ran a race around a speedway track of all places!

To some, what I have done above might not seem like a lot, but to me, who 12 months ago didn't know if I could do 2 marathons in 8 days, it was the best running year ever.

The one thing that did make me laugh this year was when my friend from Liverpool RnR Marathon asked me to run Manchester with her next year.  I looked at the dates for Manchester and for Blackpool Marathon that I have differed from this year to 2016 and saw they are only two weeks apart.  I told her this, explaining how close they were etc.  The reply I got was "Well that's what you do isn't it?"  Well, it looks like I do now doesn't it?  After doing two marathons so close together once this year - it looks like its what I do.  Good luck everyone for 2016 and hope you all have a great year.

My 2015 by John Morton

This being my final year as a Student Mental Health Nurse, I have unable to attend to any races within the club this season, even though I have kept being a member at the club. Any free time as been take up with the Army Reserves. I did manage without any training to take part in the Greater Manchester Marathon with a preset time of 4 hours 54 minutes in honour of British Military personal being killed in Afghanistan. Actually running slower is a lot harder than running at pace. Additionally I have jogged around a few park runs to keep ticking over. I like to do Freckleton Half Marathon and Greater Manchester Marathon each year where possible if I am not on any Military exercises. Looking forward to being an active member of the club from April 2016 again. 

"My 2015" by Mike Geoghegan

" My  2015" - injured, End of.



My 2015 by Alex Foster

Season overview 
  • British Champion 30-35yr
  • National silver 
  • 7 Wins
  • 15 out of 16 race podiums
  • 4 course records
  • GB Qualification for European Standard Dist Championships 2016
  • GB Qualification for World Standard Dist Championships 2016
  • GB Qualification for European Middle Dist Championships 2016

2015 and how it unraveled 
At the end of 2014 I was lucky enough to be named as a member of ChampionSystem/VCUK Race Team, I entered the 2015 season with a new array of bright yellow Fluro kit which meant going into the season with a little more added pressure of not only wanting to achieve things for myself but also for the team and sponsors.
I got off to a flyer and notched up some solid wins in what I classed as pre season races at Lancaster Duathlon and Ulverston Triathlon, both resulting in course records.
My main focus for the season was to win an elusive medal competing for Great Britain, having missed out by a matter of seconds in previous years I knew if I could turn up on race day in good shape then I could achieve my goal of a podium position. Having been in the best shape of my life and having a very successful start to my season, for some reason the European Championships race wasn’t to be and I didn’t have good enough legs on the day.
Having already hit some good highs before my big disappointment in Geneva it was important I didn’t let this affect the following races and goals for the season, I bounced back in the best way possible and was crowned British Champion in my 30-34yr age group.
From this point of the season I still had some big races remaining, the confidence I gained from achieving something above my set goal was massive and made me feel content for the season which seemed to bring even more success through to the end of the season.
If you would like to read my full season review on how I achieved or unachieved my set goals then please visit my website here -
 I’m overly happy with what I have accomplished in my 4th year of racing triathlon, here is a link to my results for the season

Thanks, Alex Foster

"My 2015" articles wanted

Gary started this tradition a couple of years ago CLICK HERE
Please can you write a few words to summarise your 2015 and send them to
We really enjoy reading these and  it's great to look back when you are writing it

Turkey Trot - Updated Entry List

Entries so far ..

Gary Stevens
Mark Riches
Clare Unsworth
James Bentall
Barbara White
Chris Bennett
Louise Simpson
Nicola Young
Scott Priestley
Tim Campbell
Mark Collins
Phil Riley
Rebecca Clarke
Rob Foster
Jon Hall
Joanne Gibson
Stuart Jones
Josie Maley
Manisha Patel

If you want to be added to the list please email or reply to this post.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A&T x-country - by Mark Riches

The seventh race in this year’s x-country champs is this Saturday (5 Dec) at Marl Pits Rossendale - Sat Nav: BB4 7SN

This is the last Red Rose race and I have entered those people who raced on the country last year plus anyone who didn't race last year but asked to be entered. Please wear the number you wore at LSV, Hyndburn and/or Bolton or come & find James on Saturday and he will give you your number (in exchange for £5!) 

If you have not been entered you can still enter on the day but, for Red Rose only, will have to go to registration and pay £6 to get a number

Start times - ladies 1:35 pm & men 2:15 pm

Course map is on the website

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Turkey Trot Entries Open

The entries for the Turkey Trot handicap race on Monday 28th December (10am start) are now open.
This year we are doing a 5k on the fields behind the club.

Fancy dress of some descripton is compulsory this year, even if it just a Xmas jumper or a silly hat!
All the rules are on the following link

If you want to take part there is no entry fee but you MUST bring a prize for the fund, a bottle, unwanted Xmas present, box of chocolates etc.

Please email or facebook me if you want to take part.
Please only email if you are 100% sure of taking part.


Entries so far ..

Gary Stevens
Mark Riches
Clare Unsworth
James Bentall
Barbara White
Chris Bennett
Louise Simpson
Nicola Young
Scott Priestley
Tim Campbell
Mark Collins 
Phil Riley
Rebecca Clarke