Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Xmas Do update

Please can everyone check the list re presentation ngt - and if your name is missing or you would like tickets - for them to let me know.

Chris Bennett.

Tim Campbell x 2
Chris Whittaker x 2
Jon Hall
Chris Bennett
Louise Simpson
David Sloan
Claire Matchwick
Gary Stevens x 2
Paul Basnett
Ian Joslin x 2
Joan Cooke
Anthony Hart
Clare Unsworth
Rob Foster
John Lee x 2
Chris Scholes
Bev Tickle
Brendan Loughrey x2
Simon Ford
Jane Eccleston x 2
Suzanne Gregory x 2
Phil Riley x 2
Neil Hodgson x 2
Damian Munro
Tracy Waterfall-Chadwick x 2
Susan Fletcher x 2
Jackie Price x 2
Matthew Thorpe  
James Bentall
Josie Maley
Stuart Jones
Lewis Eccleston x 2
Shaun Moran x 2     
Barbs White  x 2                             
Emma Higgins x 2
Mark Collins x 2
Neil Hughes                   
Graham Rands
Kim O’Neill      
Joshua Darby x 2
Kieran Lomas x 2   
Steve Foster 

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