Thursday, 1 October 2015

Club Champs Divisions/rankings 2016

At the end of the year I will be reviewing everyones current placings in each of the divisions.Where you are placed for 2016 season will be based on your best 2015 10k time.
Anyone who has competed in road races in 2015 will be ranked and published ready for 2016 and everyone else will be placed into the appropriate division after their first club road race.

Mark has now updated the club rankings and these can be found on the club website. Where I cant find a time I will refer to your England Athletics profile via the power of 10.

For anyone not familiar with Power of 10 is your official EA running profile and UK ranking (for those fast enough).  Most of the CLGP races and even Park runs are included in your profile.
However, for information Radcliffe 10k is not recognised by Power of 10 as an official 10k route as they use Association of Running Clubs for their race permit rather than UKA, but will be included for club rankings.

For anyone who hasnt run a 10k in 2015 or is chasing a faster time there is still plenty of time before year end and Leeds Abbey Dash in November is one example of a good flat PB course.

As a reminder, here are the times for each division:

PREMIERSHIP MEN (sub 39 mins 10k)
CHAMPIONSHIP MEN (39 to sub 45 mins 10k)
1st DIVISION MEN (all other runners)

PREMIERSHIP WOMEN (sub 48 mins 10k)
CHAMPIONSHIP WOMEN (48 to sub 54 mins 10k)
1st DIVISION WOMEN (all other runners)

Please note road rules below and give me a shout if anything is unclear.

Rules of the competition 

1. Times for ranking must be achieved during an official race or must be independently recorded during a club time trial. New members will be ranked according to past experience.

2. Promotion to a higher division can only be attained if the runner achieves the qualifying standard for that division during the course of the season. 

3. Relegation to a lower division will only occur if a runner fails to maintain the qualifying standard for the division in which he/she is competing during the course of the season.
The Road Captain may take into account any long term injuries sustained during the season and has the authority to re-grade runners for the following season on this basis. All promotion and relegation will take place at the end of the year - no promotion will occur during the year.

4. Qualifying standards can be reviewed at the end of each season if the Road Captain feels it is necessary. 

Barbs #TeamA&T<3 

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