Thursday, 22 October 2015

CLGP Presentation evening 2015

Congratulations once again to all our winners (below)/

The annual presentation evening for CLGP awards will take place as follows:

7.30pm on Friday 27th November 2015.
The Venue will be the Horwich RMI Club

Horwich RMI
Ramsbottom Road

Price for tickets is usually £4 or £5 per person (yet to be confirmed). However, I do need tentative numbers from the club to be submitted by 13th November.
If you would like to attend please contact me ASAP.

I will collect the prizes for anyone not able to attend on the evening and distribute the following week.
CLGP Trophy Winners 2015
Team Events
Club Champions:             Bolton United Harriers  
 ‘B’ Team Champions:    Bolton United Harriers
Veteran Champions:      Bolton United Harriers
Ladies Champions:          Burnden Road Runners

Men’s Individual                                                               Ladies’ Individual

1st:         Thomas Carson – Horwich RMI                                                  1st:         Josie Maley – Astley & Tyldesley R.R
2nd:       Karl Darcy – Bolton United Harriers                                        2nd:       Kirsty Normanton – Burnden RR
3rd:        David Smith – Leigh Harriers                                                      3rd:        Paula Pilling – Burnden RR
4th:        Philip Eccleston – Burnden Road Runners                            4th:        Gwen Kinloch – Burnden RR
5th:        Phillip Williams – Leigh Harriers                                              5th:        Jackie Price – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.
Male U-20                                                                           Female U-20
1st:         George Butler – Burnden Road Runners                            1st:         Ruth Whipp – Chorley AC
                                                                                                                 2nd:       Olivia Kearney – Bolton United Harriers

Men’s Vets                                                                          Ladies’ Vets
1st:         Jackie Price – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.
2nd:       Louise Simpson – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.

V40                                                                                                                        L40
1st:         Tim Campbell – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.                                                1st:         Kirsty Normanton – Burnden
2nd:       Mark Swannell – Bolton United Harriers                              2nd:       Paula Pilling – Burnden

V45                                                                                                                        L45
1st:         Simon Dally – Bolton United Harriers                                    1st:         Lindsay Darbyshire–Burnden
2nd        Peter Walker – Bolton United Harriers                                 2nd:       Carolyn Barker – Burnden

V50                                                                                                                        L50
1st:         James Cooke – Leigh Harriers                                                    1st:    Cathy Flitcroft – Bolton United Harriers
2nd:       John Howarth – Leigh Harriers                                                  2nd:       Carole Baines – Leigh Harriers

V55                                                                                                                        L55
1st:         Steve Nolan – BurndenRR                                  1st:         Gwen Kinloch – Burnden RR
2nd:       Tony Wall – Burnden RR                                     2nd:       Lesley Fisher – Burnden RR
2nd:       Simon Marland – Burnden RR

V60                                                                                                                   L60                                                                                           
1st:         Ken Fowler – Bolton United Harriers                                     1st:         Paulette Storey – Swinton Running Club
2nd:       Paul Christie – Burnden

1st:         Eric Ranicar – Bolton United Harriers
Plus  participations awards to:-

Paul Basnett -                    Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Chris Bennett -                 Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Ian Hamilton -                   Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Brendan Loughrey -        Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Josie Maley -                     Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Donna Cooper -                Bolton United Harriers
Karl Darcy -                         Bolton United Harriers
Sara Green -                       Bolton United Harriers
Gail Harrison -                  Bolton United Harriers
Olivia Kearney -               Bolton United Harriers
Chris Povey -                     Bolton United Harriers
Peter Walker -                  Bolton United Harriers
Matthew Barker -            Burnden Road Runners
Sue Blackman -                 Burnden Road Runners
Mark Butler -                     Burnden Road Runners
George Butler -                   Burnden Road Runners
Joanne Darby -                  Burnden Road Runners
Lyndsay Darbyshire -      Burnden Road Runners
Gwen Kinloch -                 Burnden Road Runners
Steve Nolan -                    Burnden Road Runners
Craig Philpot -                   Burnden Road Runners
Paula Pilling -                    Burnden Road Runners
Robert Short -                   Burnden Road Runners
Katy Thompson -              Burnden Road Runners
David Smith -                     Leigh Harriers
Stephen Symons -           Manchester YMCA Harriers
David Kerrigan -               Swinton Running Club
Stuart Tucker -                  Swinton Running Club

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