Saturday, 31 October 2015

A&T Voting

Hi All

Please be aware that online voting is now OPEN

Please log onto web site using your registered email and password

Then go to Committee and it is there a link to click

Please note it will only submit if your name is correct any symbols used will not be counted.


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A&T X-Country Saturday 24th October 2015 at Towneley Park – by Mark Riches

14 A&T runners turned up at Towneley Park, to race x-country but also to model the new A&T hat – see above
The ladies were off first to tackle the 6k course. Jackie Price led the way again finishing  in a time of 26.47 followed by Suzanne Gregory (27.18) Next home were Linda Whittaker (28.24) and Michelle Fairclough (34.35) with Lynn Boylin (37.05) and Tracy Loughney (37.06) completing the line-up – well done ladies
Next it was the turn of the men; 10k this time. First A&T finisher was Brendan Loughney (43.09) followed by James Bentall (44.06) and Chris Scholes (44.14) Next home were Jon Hall (44.36) Scott Priestley (44.48) and Kieron Lomas (46.01) with Paul Basnett (47.45) and Ian Hamilton (50.24) completing the line-up – well done lads
Thanks again to James for acting as x-country captain in my absence yet again!
Next race in the club champs is on Saturday 7th November at Hyndburn – make a note in your diaries

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Gods, Demons & Angels.

On Sunday Brendan and I made our way down to Leicester to show them lazy student types how us Northern running Gods conquer the famous 26.2

After parking the godly chariot (VW Golf) we made our way to the athletes village proudly wearing the blue & white of A&T.
With Brendans Tall, Athletic, Herculean physique and my Zeus-like beard,we stood proud like gods amongst mere mortals wondering which one of us would win the race and who would have to settle for 2nd place.

As the starters whistle blew we thundered across the start-line to the sounds of classical music and off we went, like Mercury on an errand from the heavens.

Our immortal status was short lived as within 5 minutes of the start I realised I had left my nutrition in the car and Brendan had already left me and darted off into the nearest public toilets he could lay his eyes upon. It was already clear that we wouldn't be the first two runners across the finish line today!!

The chocolate box cottages and picture postcard villages couldn't detract from the fact that this was not going to be a PB course as up-hill after up-hill, with no descent on the other side, made me think the course had been designed by M C Escher.  Who ever called this course "undulating" is obviously a lying b@stard!!!!

By Mile 18 my god like persona had deteriorated into that of an angry, bearded tramp as I slowed to a jog, surrounded by a thick cloud of swear words and angry grumblings. All I was missing was a dog and a copy of the Big Issue.

The on-course nutrition didn't agree with me and combined with the warm weather and constant hills I was dead by mile 20; slowing to a jog as I started to ache and seize up.  The Winged sandals I was wearing across the start line had been stolen from me having been replaced with a pair of lead boots. I was struggling to lift my feet and shuffle them forward.

I always thought Angels came from heaven but apparently they come from Lichfield as at Mile 20 I was picked up by a runner from Lichfield RC who was obviously having an equally bad race. She refused to leave me and with her encouraging words I picked up my feet and pace, helping each other through; we maintained a steady jog along the final tough 6.2 miles, which were mainly uphill!!!
We both managing a final burst of pace to look like gods (and goddess) again as we crossed the finish line, scraping under the 4Hr mark to salvage a small amount of pride.

Brendan, having had an equally tough run was not far behind, 6 minutes in fact,  and was also a little mystified as to whom had stolen his winged sandals....

Next week we both run the White Rose Ultra so if anyone finds our winged sandals please can we have them back!!!!!

By Stu

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A&T x-country - by Mark Riches

A&T x-country - by Mark Riches

The next race in this year’s x-country champs is this Saturday (24 Oct) at Towneley Park, Burnley; Sat Nav: BB11 3RQ

This is a Mid Lancs race so please use the number you wore at Astley Park, Chorley. If you didn’t race at Chorley, please come & find James, who is deputising for me, on Saturday, and he will give you your number which you should wear at all Mid Lancs races

 Start times - ladies 2:00 pm (6K) & men 2:30 pm (10K)

Further details on the website


If you need clarification on anything before Saturday, I can be contacted on

London Marathon 2016 (club places) – by Mark Riches

London Marathon 2016 (club places) – by Mark Riches

Earlier post refers HERE

I have received confirmation that we have been allocated 2 club entries for the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon

If you would like to be considered for one of these place, and you meet the criteria, please let me know (e) by 20 November (not on facebook!)

If there are more names than places, we will draw out 2 names at our presentation night on 5 December


I'll be attending the CLGP AGM on behalf of the club on 1st December.
If you have any agenda items you would like me to raise for discussion please contact me asap so I can submit them.

If you're not happy with any aspect of the CLGP this is your time to speak up.

Races will be set for the 2016 season and will include Gin Pit 5 again .

Barbs x

CLGP Presentation evening 2015

Congratulations once again to all our winners (below)/

The annual presentation evening for CLGP awards will take place as follows:

7.30pm on Friday 27th November 2015.
The Venue will be the Horwich RMI Club

Horwich RMI
Ramsbottom Road

Price for tickets is usually £4 or £5 per person (yet to be confirmed). However, I do need tentative numbers from the club to be submitted by 13th November.
If you would like to attend please contact me ASAP.

I will collect the prizes for anyone not able to attend on the evening and distribute the following week.
CLGP Trophy Winners 2015
Team Events
Club Champions:             Bolton United Harriers  
 ‘B’ Team Champions:    Bolton United Harriers
Veteran Champions:      Bolton United Harriers
Ladies Champions:          Burnden Road Runners

Men’s Individual                                                               Ladies’ Individual

1st:         Thomas Carson – Horwich RMI                                                  1st:         Josie Maley – Astley & Tyldesley R.R
2nd:       Karl Darcy – Bolton United Harriers                                        2nd:       Kirsty Normanton – Burnden RR
3rd:        David Smith – Leigh Harriers                                                      3rd:        Paula Pilling – Burnden RR
4th:        Philip Eccleston – Burnden Road Runners                            4th:        Gwen Kinloch – Burnden RR
5th:        Phillip Williams – Leigh Harriers                                              5th:        Jackie Price – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.
Male U-20                                                                           Female U-20
1st:         George Butler – Burnden Road Runners                            1st:         Ruth Whipp – Chorley AC
                                                                                                                 2nd:       Olivia Kearney – Bolton United Harriers

Men’s Vets                                                                          Ladies’ Vets
1st:         Jackie Price – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.
2nd:       Louise Simpson – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.

V40                                                                                                                        L40
1st:         Tim Campbell – Astley & Tyldesley R.R.                                                1st:         Kirsty Normanton – Burnden
2nd:       Mark Swannell – Bolton United Harriers                              2nd:       Paula Pilling – Burnden

V45                                                                                                                        L45
1st:         Simon Dally – Bolton United Harriers                                    1st:         Lindsay Darbyshire–Burnden
2nd        Peter Walker – Bolton United Harriers                                 2nd:       Carolyn Barker – Burnden

V50                                                                                                                        L50
1st:         James Cooke – Leigh Harriers                                                    1st:    Cathy Flitcroft – Bolton United Harriers
2nd:       John Howarth – Leigh Harriers                                                  2nd:       Carole Baines – Leigh Harriers

V55                                                                                                                        L55
1st:         Steve Nolan – BurndenRR                                  1st:         Gwen Kinloch – Burnden RR
2nd:       Tony Wall – Burnden RR                                     2nd:       Lesley Fisher – Burnden RR
2nd:       Simon Marland – Burnden RR

V60                                                                                                                   L60                                                                                           
1st:         Ken Fowler – Bolton United Harriers                                     1st:         Paulette Storey – Swinton Running Club
2nd:       Paul Christie – Burnden

1st:         Eric Ranicar – Bolton United Harriers
Plus  participations awards to:-

Paul Basnett -                    Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Chris Bennett -                 Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Ian Hamilton -                   Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Brendan Loughrey -        Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Josie Maley -                     Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Donna Cooper -                Bolton United Harriers
Karl Darcy -                         Bolton United Harriers
Sara Green -                       Bolton United Harriers
Gail Harrison -                  Bolton United Harriers
Olivia Kearney -               Bolton United Harriers
Chris Povey -                     Bolton United Harriers
Peter Walker -                  Bolton United Harriers
Matthew Barker -            Burnden Road Runners
Sue Blackman -                 Burnden Road Runners
Mark Butler -                     Burnden Road Runners
George Butler -                   Burnden Road Runners
Joanne Darby -                  Burnden Road Runners
Lyndsay Darbyshire -      Burnden Road Runners
Gwen Kinloch -                 Burnden Road Runners
Steve Nolan -                    Burnden Road Runners
Craig Philpot -                   Burnden Road Runners
Paula Pilling -                    Burnden Road Runners
Robert Short -                   Burnden Road Runners
Katy Thompson -              Burnden Road Runners
David Smith -                     Leigh Harriers
Stephen Symons -           Manchester YMCA Harriers
David Kerrigan -               Swinton Running Club
Stuart Tucker -                  Swinton Running Club

#Team A&T<3

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Centurion Autumn 100 2015 - or, There and Back Again, a Hobbit's Tale. By David Sloan.

This was an adventure of many firsts for me; the first time I'd attempted a solo run of over 52-miles, the first time I'd tried to continually run (and walk) constantly for 24hrs, the first time I'd attempted an Ultra without having Claire drive out to the middle of nowhere to meet me at every checkpoint just incase I needed a clean pair on socks, and, as most of you will undoubtedly know, the first time I would have those dreaded words DNF next to my name.

Going into this race I had the perfect plan in place. Off the back of the Grand Tour of Skiddaw (46-miles) at the end of August, I would have an easy week before 4-weeks of long-mileage training, culminating in a strong run at Chester Marathon before tapering the intensity down for 2-week to the Autumn-100. As I sat there with training diary in hand back in June I couldn't help feeling a little bit smug that by the end of the year I would have completed 100-miles in under 24-hrs. But training diaries can be written by anyone, going out and doing it is another thing.

A week after GTS I got the offer to run Wigan 10k, which I completed in pb time, feeling awesome in doing it, ready to move on with my long runs mid-week.
That's when I decided to work on some high-cadence, fore-foot striking on a steady 12-miler, not for a couple of hundred meters at a time, but for the whole first 4-miles, I then started to feel a burn in the right calf, and a mile later a pop.......

4-weeks and Zero-Miles later, when I had pretty-much decided to drop out of both the Marathon and the 100, I decided to go out on a secret Friday-Night Tempo Run two-days before Chester Marathon to test my healing calf muscle! Bingo! It was ok, better than ok, healed!!!

I decided to run the marathon as a test and ran all the way, with a very respectable time of 3:30. Surely I still couldn't run 100 mile on Zero Milage in my peak phase of training? But I had paid for the event and the hotel, plus what's the worst that could happen?

So, I was packing my kit and plotting my maps 15-mins before the biggest sporting event of my life, actually shaking (I wasn't that nervous for Ironman) and at 10am on Saturday 17th October 2015, I was on my way.

I can't say a great deal about the course, except that the views and scenery over the first 50-miles (which I completed in a distance pb of 9:13) were breathtaking at times, when not concentrating on what's underfoot, not too technical or hilly, but you can never be too careful.
From the halfway point I was joined by Claire, my trusty pacer for the next 25-miles (or so she thought) as we donned our head torches and headed out across the ridgeway for another 25-mile out-and-back. It's at about the turnaround point (62ish miles) that you realise that running in the dark is a bit tougher that expected, after Thunder Run I thought I had it sussed it, but hours of running into the abyss with a white circle of light to follow soon catches up on you.
After about 70-miles I dropped the bomb on Claire that I might need somebody to pace me for the whole second half of the race as I was starting to feel the fatigue. After more than a few silent moments, a bowl of hot beans at the 75-mile station (I'm sure I asked for Stew!) and a change of trainers, we headed out as a team to do the final loop and earn that buckle (not just a poxy medal).

Jog-walk turned to walk-jog as expected, but then to just walk, followed by shuffle!
The lack of training was starting to bite! 80-miles saw the end of the running stints, 85 saw the end of my mental resolve, along with my quads! The final 3-miles or so to the 87.5 mile point were a low-point in my adult life, I hadn't had such a feeling of hopelessness since finding out that the Easter Bunny wasn't real! It was at 0.3 miles to go that I had a little sit-down with head-in-hands and tried to cry, but had no water to give!
I arrived into the rowing club, knowing that I would never make the 14-miles back to the finish, even in the 8-hrs remaining. I handed in my number to retire at 6am Sunday 18th October 2015 after 18-hrs and 87.5miles.

Since then I have gone through a few things, the first was embarrassment, as I had so many people/friends expecting me to finish, plus I had never DNF'd before, then it was pain, plenty of that for the next 48-hrs.

But then came the pride.

Those friends who hand been messaging me for 18hrs, giving me the motivation to keep going as far as I had, were still proud of me, even if I didn't finish, and everyone I have spoken to since has expressed this too. Thank you everyone, those messages kept me going throughout this whole experience! But mostly to Claire, who ran the furthest she has ever run (38-miles), 2-weeks after a tough day at Chester Marathon to make sure I was safe, thank you.

In reflection, honestly I never thought I was fit enough to complete the race, but I was stubborn enough to give it a go and believe in myself. I may not have finished, but I am a stronger person because of it. I will be back at the Autumn 100 in 2017, not just to right this wrong, but because the event and the volunteers were some of the best I have come across and it would be a shame to not go back to this beautiful part of the country.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Thunder Run

Hi All

Thunder Run entries open on the 19/10/15 @ 10 am because each captain has to pay for each team we need to know who defo wants a place so could please contact myself or Tim. As we do want to fit everyone in and want to make sure everyone is aware of this event. Please remember all abilities are welcome.


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hoodie Order

Hi All

Does anyone want a Hoodie, I know we ordered some in July but some more members have asked for them and we need min order of 25. The ones I can get in are around £9 look like the Uni ones you get.

Email or FB message me if anyone is interested

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A&T takeover the flash by Nicola Scott

Last Saturday saw the first running club takeover day at our local Pennington Flash parkrun. The team from Wigan Phoenix pulled ranks to completely fill the volunteer rota and offered-up their time to support all runners of all abilities around the 5k route. This also provided them with the opportunity to share information to the local running community and to promote their club.


As a regular parkrunner and member of the flasher/ing(?) community, I felt that that it would be a great idea for team A&T to do the same. I have arranged for us to provide a volunteer team on Saturday 12th December. Roles to be filled include 

1 timekeeper, 1 finish tokens, 4 barcode scanners, 4 marshals and 1 tail runner, therefore there are 11 opportunities available. If you are interested in one of those please email me on or message me on Facebook - Nicola Scott. Thanks all.

Race Photos 2015

 Do you have a favourite photo memory from a 2015 road race?

It could be a team photo or one of you, pre, post or during a race - the choice is yours. It doesnt have to be a club race it can be any road race you've done in 2015.

I'll try to include as many as possible in the end of year presentation for the road section.

Please inbox it on Facebook or email to me please -

Its nearly time to celebrate!!

Barbs xx

Xmas Do update

Please can everyone check the list re presentation ngt - and if your name is missing or you would like tickets - for them to let me know.

Chris Bennett.

Tim Campbell x 2
Chris Whittaker x 2
Jon Hall
Chris Bennett
Louise Simpson
David Sloan
Claire Matchwick
Gary Stevens x 2
Paul Basnett
Ian Joslin x 2
Joan Cooke
Anthony Hart
Clare Unsworth
Rob Foster
John Lee x 2
Chris Scholes
Bev Tickle
Brendan Loughrey x2
Simon Ford
Jane Eccleston x 2
Suzanne Gregory x 2
Phil Riley x 2
Neil Hodgson x 2
Damian Munro
Tracy Waterfall-Chadwick x 2
Susan Fletcher x 2
Jackie Price x 2
Matthew Thorpe  
James Bentall
Josie Maley
Stuart Jones
Lewis Eccleston x 2
Shaun Moran x 2     
Barbs White  x 2                             
Emma Higgins x 2
Mark Collins x 2
Neil Hughes                   
Graham Rands
Kim O’Neill      
Joshua Darby x 2
Kieran Lomas x 2   
Steve Foster