Thursday, 24 September 2015

Vacancy - CLGP Committee

Vacancy for role on CLGP committee. If interested please contact Barb.

Job description: Secretary

  • Being a signatory on the CLGP Bank Account (along with the Chair and Treasurer)
  • Initiating the agenda for the Annual General Meeting in December
  • Organising a time and venue for the Annual General Meeting in December and informing member clubs (or new clubs who are applying to join the competition) of the details.
  • Writing and circulating the Minutes of the AGM
  • Organising the trophies for the end of season presentation
  • Liaising with the host club for the end of season presentation and circulating details to member clubs. Establishing the number of people wishing to attend this event.
  • Fielding any questions relating to the rules or any aspect of the CLGP during the course of this year.
  • Corresponding with other committee members where issues relating to rules and any aspect of the competition are questioned.
  • Receiving and addressing enquiries from potential new member clubs throughout the year
In reality there are only two busy times throughout the year a) end of season organisation of trophies and presentation b) organisation of AGM.

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