Friday, 11 September 2015

Intermediate running group for members

Following on from the recent success of the beginners group we are now pleased to announce that an Intermediate group will now be formed as a progression for new members (but is of course open to ALL members).

Intermediate group is an ideal way to build on the great start that our beginners have made and will focus on building fitness and stamina for 5k-5 miles distance.

The sessions will be on the Trails at Leigh Sports Village and start at 6.30pm (same time as beginners).
Sessions will be coached by Jon Hall supported by James Bentall.
Again there may be occasions when we call on the support of experienced runners to help with both the new groups.

If anyone is interested in coming along the first session will be on Monday 14th September, meeting in the car park at LSV.
Please contact Barbs, James or Jon to let us know that you will be coming or if you have any questions.

Team A&T<3

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